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Charlottetown - Food and Food Security (PE) (Location Change!)

September 23, 2019 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Location: Carrefour de l'Îsle-Saint-Jean, 5 Acadian drive, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


This will serve as similar, but a bit of an alternative to, the more traditional candidates' debate, and allow local groups and individuals to directly communicate their related work and concerns to you, as well as them to ask you questions and get to know you more in this way.
This would be an event where the public are invited to hear candidates' thoughts on and to pose their own questions around Food and Food Security, especially as connected with poverty, health, agriculture, and environment.
For example, at the federal level, specific topics of interest may include the Healthy Eating Strategy and Food Policy for Canada, and your position on the Canada Food Guide and recent changes to it, as well as other policies that influence how and what Canadians eat.
Doors will be open at 4:45 pm.



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