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Hull—Aylmer - Eat, Meet, and Greet Supper (QC)

June 13, 2019 at 7:00pm
Location: Aylmer BBQ Restaurant, 134 Rue Principale, Gatineau, Quebec


This supper event will be an excellent opportunity to meet CHP Leader Rod Taylor and Deputy Leader Peter Vogel. Both gentlemen are in town attending meetings with Elections Canada. 

We will not have a formal agenda but our time will include opening prayer, meal, update on Elections 2019, Q & A, and closing prayer.

Venue: Aylmer BBQ Restaurant, located in the heart of Aylmer on Rue Principale between Frank-Robinson and Eardley Road. 

Directions: For those arriving from Ottawa, cross the Champlain Bridge. Do not turn left at the first set of lights on Lucerne Blvd, but proceed to the second set of lights and turn left on Aylmer Road. As you approach downtown Aylmer, Aylmer Road mysteriously becomes Rue Principale. 

Ample free parking in front of the restaurant.

All members of CHP Hull-Aylmer and CHP Ottawa are invited to this soiree. Friends and acquaintances are also invited to join us to satisfy their curiosity or to become potential CHP members. I have booked for 20 people, but there is room for 30 people. Aylmer BBQ offers a fine menu serving Canadian food, including poutine, Chinese food, and Italian fare, including pizza. Let's spread the word and show up en masse. Our summer of discontent will soon become our autumn of joy, peace and content.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday evening. May the Good Lord guide all your steps!



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