A Matter of Life and Death: Your Vote Really Matters!

On October 1, 2021, the Delta Hospice Society conducted an online SGM (Special General Meeting) with an electronic vote to determine whether the Society could hold its AGM (Annual General Meeting) virtually or if it would have to hold an in-person meeting in Delta . . .
  • octobre 12, 2021
  • Rod Taylor
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The Maturing of Canuckistan

On the surface, Canadians look free to live life to its fullest. We’ve just come through an election where Canadians got to choose who would lead our country and stipulate that this leader would need at least one cooperating party to lead.
  • octobre 5, 2021
  • Vicki Gunn
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What Just Happened?

On September 20, 2021, millions of Canadians went to the polls to express an opinion about the type of government they want. At least that is what was supposed to happen.
  • septembre 28, 2021
  • Rod Taylor
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Healthcare “Heroes” or Robots?

How would you feel if, after you responded to the call from your nation to go above and beyond your normal responsibilities at work, you faced losing your job because you had a conscientious objection to something being demanded of you by both your nation and your boss?
  • septembre 21, 2021
  • Peter Vogel
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The Pro-Moral Voter’s Quandary

Elections should be a happy time for Canadians: voting is a treasured privilege, for which many of our fellow-Canadians risked their lives, or shed their blood.
  • septembre 14, 2021
  • Ron Gray
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A Bigger Blue Tent. No Tent Pegs.

Conservative Party leaders and operatives have long talked about their Big Blue Tent. That’s the concept of making the Conservative Party platform so appealing to the average Canadian that they would want to join . . .
  • septembre 7, 2021
  • Rod Taylor
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Three Questions to Ponder Before Going to the Polls

In the middle of an unnecessary and exasperating election, the unfortunate voter is likely to be driven to near-distraction by the welter of issues—and non-issues—debated among the leaders of the big, money-driven political parties.
  • aot 31, 2021
  • Ron Gray
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Unholy Alliances

There is a huge difference between allies and friends. “A friend loveth at all times,” but an ally may only stand with you as long as it is in his best interests to do so.
  • aot 24, 2021
  • Rod Taylor
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A Fifty-Year Deficit for Canadians!?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan to get Canada completely out of debt by 2070? How about, instead, adding to the debt every year until then? The second scenario is the likely one, and it isn’t pretty.
  • aot 3, 2021
  • Peter Vogel
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