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Don Melanson | Edmonton Mill Woods
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Henri-Joel Ayepa Obou, Official Agent
12031 105 St.
Edmonton, AB
T5G 2N6

About Don

Don Melanson has worked for Canada Post for 14 years and previously worked as an Insurance Agent. His political experience includes running as a candidate provincially and serving as an Official Agent federally.  

Don is married to his beautiful wife, Liz, for 36 years. They have twelve grandchildren. He speaks both French and English.

Don is opposed to government giving special treatment to some religions over others, as has been happening with Islam. He is also concerned about both abortion and euthanasia; Healthcare is intended to improve the lives of individuals, not to end the lives of either the pre-born or the elderly!

“My joy is to help others overcome obstacles in their lives.” - Don Melanson

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