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About Dawid

Dawid Pawlowski is a long time advocate for free speech as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For the past 15 years Dawid and his wife have worked with Street Church, a ministry helping the most vulnerable: the homeless, the addicted and those with a troubled past. This ministry has provided thousands of meals for families, single mothers, the elderly and disabled. He believes that everybody deserves a second chance.

Dawid was born and raised behind the Iron Curtain in communist Poland. Under communism, Dawid has seen terrible corruption and abuse of power. That has made him passionate for what true politics should be about: Democracy, Justice and Servant leadership. He wants to see a government that is not against the people but for the people and by the people.

In 1995, Dawid found in Canada an opportunity for a better future. An opportunity for freedom and prosperity. As a passionate student of history, he recognized that Canadians have so much to be proud of and thankful for. Our forefathers bled and died for the freedoms that we enjoy today. With their sacrifices in the fields of World Wars I and II, they have reminded us that no man has greater love than the one who will sacrifice his life for others.

Dawid believes that we must share our Canadian history and heritage with the next generation and help them avoid the mistakes of the past.

As a business owner, Dawid has learned the importance of working hard and balancing the budget. He understands that life’s decisions can be complicated. He understands the challenges faced by working people. He knows that big government and high taxes are strangling free enterprise. He believes that government must be made smaller because excessive taxation makes slaves out of free people. Dawid says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord". He knows that all our blessings come from God, who created everything.

Dawid has always had this motto: "God, Honor, Homeland”. As CHP candidate for Calgary Centre he has now added the CHP campaign theme to his banner: "Life, Family and Freedom".

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