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Will the Trudeau Liberals Give Themselves a DPA?

Tue, May 07, 2019   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 26    Issue 18 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

What’s a DPA? A ‘Deferred Prosecution Agreement’—a deal by which the government agrees to a ‘slap on the wrist’ fine, instead of prosecution for crime.

It’s just been revealed that the embattled SNC-Lavalin engineering company funnelled huge donations to the federal Liberals through its executives and their wives. Donations which these execs made were reimbursed through bonuses by SNC-Lavalin so it would have the veneer of legitimacy.

That’s illegal.

Will SNC/Lavalin be prosecuted? Perhaps. But the more important question is: who will judge the Liberal Party of Canada for being a gang of crooked collaborators?

Not the Liberal federal government, you can be assured!

Rather, they’ll probably in effect give themselves a ‘DPA’—a Deferred Prosecution Agreement: a slap on the wrist and a stern “Don’t do it again. Please.”

Is it any surprise to Canadians that there’s corruption in political financing? It shouldn’t be. Look at the legislation that channels taxpayers’ money into the political process; how is it controlled? By the parties already in Parliament!

Getting rid of all remuneration to all political parties is perhaps the best solution, but if remuneration of any kind is to be made available to any parties based on votes, it should be for all parties at the same rate per vote. No arbitrary thresholds. Voters must also be made aware of all changes (and the status quo!) to improve the openness and honesty of the system. The CHP would make fair treatment of all political parties and taxpayers a matter of principle and policy.

So, who will judge the law-breaking Liberals for violating the Canada Elections Act? Do you trust the government to discipline itself? Hah!

No, the discipline will have to be administered by the real wronged parties—the voters. In October, at the next federal elections, it will be up to the voters to “throw the bums out!”

But who might the voters elect instead of the criminal gang that has ruled Ottawa for most of the past century? The wobbly misnamed ‘Conservatives’, whom I call ‘Liberal Lite’? No! And certainly not the NDP, Canada’s equivalent of America’s loony socialists, determined to undermine the fundamentals of our economy, education and freedom — especially freedom of speech!

So, maybe the Tories didn’t take as much bribery money from SNC/Lavalin—the Liberals took $110,000 in bribes, according to CBC, and the Tories only took $8,000—but the Tories were also ‘on the take’. Perhaps this is why we didn’t hear about this scandal earlier.

I hope voters will remember that the Conservatives, for ten years—including a full term as a majority government—utterly refused to address the fact that Canada is drenched in innocent blood: the silent holocaust of abortion. Their official policy states that “a Conservative government will NOT support ANY legislation regulating abortion”. Nor will they defend the traditional family. At their 2016 Convention, in Vancouver, they threw away their previous support for marriage between one man and one woman. Nor have they shown any inclination to protect our right to free speech or the integrity of the ballot.

No, with the parties already in Parliament, it’s politics as usual—including money under the table, just like Shawinigate, the sponsorship scandal, and Lavscam; just like always.

It’s time for some new blood in Parliament. It’s time for CHP.

It’s TIME!

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