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Why CHP?

Tue, April 19, 2022   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 29    Issue 16 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

There are many people—I’m one of them—who believe that we’re seeing the approach of the End Times so clearly prophesied in the Bible.

But there have been many times in history when people believed they were living in the End Times: 1844 was such a time, resulting in what has come to be known as The Great Disappointment (when Jesus didn’t return as predicted by the Millerites); but then, so was the year 1000 AD; and even in the first century, some of the New Testament writers thought the end was very near. Peter hedged his bets by saying, “The end is nearer than when we first believed.”

So, what’s so different about the third decade of the 21th century?

Well, the prophets also foretold that before the End of the Age—which is very different from the End of the World, by the way—there would be a massive falling away from the faith. And we see today that church attendance—especially in Europe—is at an all-time low.

But there is also prophesied to be a great End Times revival, bringing uncountable numbers into the true faith; and some folks see indications that such a wave of revival may be gathering.

There are also prophecies of a coming world dictator, who will seek to wrest the entire global culture away from the biblical roots which have been the basis of the most prosperous and freest civilization the world has ever known.

Most of the prophecies in the Bible have come true as predicted: consider Daniel’s amazingly accurate descriptions of the great world powers that would follow the fall of Babylon: Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. Or Isaiah’s prophecy that gave the name of the Persian King, Cyrus, who would command the rebuilding of the Temple—250 years before it was destroyed!

The prophecies that remain to be fulfilled are worth studying; they may be fulfilled in our time!

Free market capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty, and given unprecedented liberty to more people than any other system of government, business and finance. Yet our universities and colleges, our high schools and even our elementary schools have been captured by ideologues who are teaching our children—in the very schools that our taxes pay for—that socialism, which has failed every time it has been tried, somehow holds our best hopes for the future.

They are also being taught, among other lies, that carbon dioxide, which is essential to all plant life, and is therefore critical to our food supply, is a ‘pollutant’. And they’re also taught that biology is irrelevant to sexuality, and that it’s OK for immature children to choose to ‘change their gender’ and be subjected to ‘treatments’ that are really one of the worst forms of child abuse.

Our public schools and post-secondary institutions of ‘learning’ are deliberately lying to the rising generations of our future citizens!

‘Cancel culture’ has given mobs, in the streets and on-line, the leverage to manipulate business leaders and politicians into repudiating demonstrable facts.

Sometimes, the world seems to have been turned upside-down!

And now a cabal of self-appointed ‘leaders’—the unelected and anti-democratic World Economic Forum that meets annually at Davos, Switzerland to plot our future, whether we are willing or not—is working to engineer yet another attempt at socialism, certain to be another failure: their “Great Reset” would impose totalitarian oppression on the whole world. Nation by nation and piece by piece, this Orwellian scheme is being set up around the globe. Surveillance will displace privacy; centralized controls, unaccountable to citizens, will displace liberty; and population reduction plans will determine whether we are allowed to have children, and to decree how many.

What can ordinary citizens do to save themselves from this oppression?

Here are a few steps. And it will take whole-hearted participation by all freedom-loving citizens to empower a counter-movement to resist the cabal:

1 – Inform yourselves. Get as much information as you can about the cabal’s schemes. Take note of politicians and business ‘leaders’ who are being used as ‘cat’s paws’ of the cabal. Our own Prime Minister is not the only one in the House of Commons. And he has recruited MPs who should be functioning as Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition—but are not.

Good sources of information include writers like Barbara Kay, Rex Murphy and Jordan Peterson; Rebel Media and True North are other sources. Avoid the government-supported legacy media; they’ve been bought—with your money!—and have virtually become government stenographers.

2 – Link up with other Canadians who are actively working to oppose the erosion of our liberties. The recent Freedom Convoy truckers provided a vital example of a citizens’ movement to peacefully defend liberty. Tanya Gaw of Action4Canada is another. So is Campaign Life Coalition. And, of course CHP: take out a membership—and then get actively involved.

3 – Talk about these heinous plans with your friends and neighbours. Remember: silence will be taken to imply consent. Don’t consent to the loss of your liberties

4 – Finally, learn about our culture of freedoms. Where did our freedoms come from? What is their foundation? How can they best be preserved and defended?

Armed with this information, you need to be active in teaching others and defending the freedoms that are part of our heritage.

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada is a federal political party offering policies that would protect innocent human life at all stages, protect a biblical understanding of gender and family and protect our basic God-given freedoms. Join us today!

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