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Who’s Defending Canada?

Tue, October 18, 2022   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 29    Issue 42 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Recently, Chief of Canada’s Defence Staff, General Wayne Eyre, indicated that the situation with our military was so dire that it will take the next eight years to rebuild our military.

The immediate goal is dealing with the military shortage. Our forces are already short more than 10,000 trained members. Another 5,000 would be needed to build the force the generals think necessary for preparedness. That means we need 15,000 new recruits.

General Eyre advises us that his short-term goal is to deal with the personnel deficit that prevents us from excelling as a modern combat-ready military force.

Wait a minute! If we don’t have a combat-ready force now, who’s defending Canada today?

Apparently, we don’t have the people-power to defend our country but instead of building and training to be able to respond appropriately to any potential military threat, our military is being sent to do storm relief. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all in favour of making good use of existing resources to help Canadians respond to other types of threats, including natural disasters, and I appreciate the efforts of our brave men and women to provide assistance in time of need. The primary focus of our armed forces, however, should be to provide early and adequate defence against acts of aggression. We need to do both.

According to MP Cheryl Gallant in a recent email, “This sweeping reconstitution order calls for the halt of all non-essential activities and some essential activities, such as collective training.” Our military is not going to receive “collective training”? How will they learn to work together as a team if they’re not training? How will they defend Canada if they’re not receiving full military training?

Further, as General Eyre informs us, there is a shortage of experienced personnel to train new recruits and to lead missions, which will “continue to imperil our ability to recruit, train, employ and retain diverse Canadian talent, thus jeopardizing the readiness and long-term health of Canada’s defence capabilities.”

Are you getting as concerned as I am?

Canada’s military is 10% under what it should be. They can’t properly train new recruits to be combat ready, to lead missions, or to work together as a team, and that’s just the summary of what they can’t do.

Our Prime Minister further assisted our demise as a country by allowing the Chinese to train in winter warfare in Canada in 2018. Thankfully, the government has since informed us that, “The Canadian Armed Forces have not engaged in bilateral training exercises with China in 2019 and 2020.” Does that restore your confidence in our PM’s judgement? He once opined that he admired China’s “basic dictatorship”; today, China is operating police stations in Canada. Is there a connection between Mr. Trudeau’s fascination with China and his softball handling of their surveillance of Chinese nationals within our borders?

These issues demonstrate a serious problem with the current leadership of our country. The first responsibility of the federal government is the protection of our country. Why then are our armed forces woefully unprepared to provide that protection? Meanwhile, massive police forces—at great cost both financially and morally—were used against peaceful, unarmed Canadian citizens in Ottawa and other cities in a political move that had nothing to do with protecting our peace and security. Hopefully, the Commission (even under the PM’s self-serving instructions) investigating the PM’s irrational and unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act, will come to the same conclusion that any unbiased observer would reach: this was a desperate political act and a blatant abuse of power.

Back to the deficit of trained and qualified personnel in our armed forces. Is it a lack of money? The Canadian Taxpayers Federation points out that we are now spending more taxpayer dollars servicing the growing federal debt than on having a well-trained and well-equipped armed force prepared to defend our borders. Did nobody in the government see this coming?

This is gross negligence on the part of our current federal government. We need a government that will govern, not grandstand. A government that has the will and stamina to ensure that our borders are protected, that our economy is protected and that our godly heritage is protected so that our children can grow up in an environment of safe borders, safe streets and economic opportunity.

We need a military that is able to defend our country from external attack, as unlikely as that may seem. The world discovered in 1939 that complacency was no substitute for preparedness.

CHP Canada will provide this type of leadership. CHP Canada understands the importance of investing in our military—yes, I did say “investing.” Let’s stop playing word-games about being a sovereign nation and make it happen again in real time. We must do what it takes to produce an immediate and practical plan to defend our borders.

It’s time to replace the self-serving politicians parading as leaders and vote in principled men and women who are ready, willing and able to do the job. We need you to stand with us. If you have the moral stamina to fight for our great heritage then put your name in the ring, and let’s create a new branch of the service: candidates and volunteers ready to defend our borders and our way of life in the next general election, whenever that may be.

Join CHP Canada today, and let us know if you—or someone you know—would join forces with us as a candidate. We are recruiting today and we will train you. We just need YOU!

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