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When Good Men (and Women) Do Nothing

Thu, December 02, 2021   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

December 1, 2021 will go down in Canadian history as a day of infamy. Not one elected Member of Parliament stood to speak against the rubber-stamping of the Liberal Government’s most recent legislative attack on free speech, parental rights and religious freedom. NOT ONE. Instead, every Member present allowed this bill to go to the Senate without amendment, without debate, without opposition.

Bill C-4 (Banning Conversion Therapy) was tabled on Monday by Justice Minister David Lametti. The bill—like C-6 tabled in the previous Parliament—appears to be aimed at psychotherapy practices long discredited and abandoned in Canada, practices involving forcible confinement, electroshock therapy and other invasive actions performed without the consent and against the will of a child or adult living a homosexual lifestyle. That is the perception the bill’s author and backers wish to convey to the Canadian public. With the fawning approval of the mainstream media, they are well on their way to convincing Canadians that this is what it’s all about. If only that were so.

That perception is a sham . . . and a shame on the gullible public. Even more so on politicians who know better but have become so accustomed to submitting to the demands of their party leaders and party whips that they dare not stand and be counted when free speech, parental rights and religious freedom are on the line.

It is understood by MPs on both sides of the House that C-4 is not really about the abusive physical torture of homosexuals who only want to be left alone. C-4 will be applied to parents whose adolescent children are struggling to make sense of sexuality in their formative years and who are being pushed and pulled by confusing sexual information coming at them from all sides. C-4 will be applied to pastors who are counselling young men and women who want to return to a non-homosexual lifestyle and identity but don’t know how to break out of cycles of entrenched behaviour.

Bill C-4 contains within it language that rejects any religious convictions in regard to homosexuality, a topic about which the Christian Bible is clear. Citizens will be in danger of conviction under C-4 if—in discussion with a person living a homosexual lifestyle—they express an opinion that a non-homosexual lifestyle would be preferable.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” That quote, usually attributed to Edmund Burke, says it all. Perhaps the Conservative Members who once expressed concern about this blatant attack on free speech were not expecting this battle to come so soon. Perhaps they had been coached by their leader or one of the party’s strategic inner circle to just lay low. Perhaps they didn’t want to face the media blitz they knew would be directed at any family-values voice that would dare to resist. Perhaps they remembered Derek Sloan being kicked out of caucus for expressing views different than those of their party leader. Whatever the case, on December 1, 2021, they did nothing to resist the juggernaut of the sexually-oriented, morally-confused, left-leaning coalition that now arrogantly presumes to impose on Canadians their own brand of gender conversion.

CHP Canada still endorses biblical morality. God’s design is still the best. Men and women seeking counselling should be able to find it; wise and compassionate counsellors should not be prevented from offering to help.

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