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What’s Wrong With Bill C-16?

Wed, May 18, 2016   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

May 17, on “International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia”, the Liberal government introduced Bill C-16—draft legislation to grant full civil rights to transgendered persons. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Well, let’s look at C-16 in action.

Suppose a skinny-as-a-rake girl looks into the mirror and thinks, “Ugh! I’m so FAT!”

In such a case, we would probably say that she may be suffering from anorexia nervosa, and should be offered psychotherapy.

But if that same girl looks into the mirror and thinks she sees a boy, C-16 says to her, “That’s OK, little guy; we’re on your side. Be whoever you wanna be!”

What’s more, if our legislation follows the example of the ukase [edict] issued (unconstitutionally) by President Obama last week, it will soon be illegal for anyone to even suggest that she should seek counselling. No, instead she’ll become eligible for massive doses of hormones that are at war with her DNA, and possibly for radical surgery to remove perfectly healthy body parts.

Have we lost our minds?

What problem is this solving? Were there any reports of biologically female persons (who thought they were male) being molested in the women’s washroom?


Were there any reports of biologically male persons (who thought they were female) being molested in the men’s room?


But since the campaign for bathroom rights for transgenders went into high gear, we’ve already read reports of women being confronted in the women’s lavatory by males who say they have a legal right to be there—and one case of a man who assaulted an 8-year-old girl in the women’s washroom. He had the ‘right’ to be there.

After a half-century of progress on women’s rights, we’re now told by Prime Minister Trudeau that those rights—at least, the privacy rights of 51% of the population—are to be trumped by the alleged ‘rights’ of a mere 0.25% of the population—people who are biologically of one sex, but who think they are the opposite sex.

Instead of offering counselling and therapy to that one-quarter-of-one percent, our federal government wants to mandate that they have a right to go into facilities that match whatever gender they erroneously think is theirs.

This, in the face of statistical evidence that between 70 and 80 percent of children who think they are another gender, if left alone, will grow out of it by the time they reach puberty!

Not to mention that although gender-change “therapy” and/or surgery is intended to make the victims feel better about themselves, the suicide rate for transgenders is 20 times the normal rate!

The fact is that gender conversion doesn’t make most of them happy. In most cases, psychological help to adjust their thinking to match reality would make them happier.

C-16 just advances a malign political agenda. As Mark Steyn cogently points out, it gives sexual anarchists a powerful weapon to destroy our right to freedom of speech: if you disagree with the politically correct agenda, you’d better not say so, or you’ll be viciously maligned in the so-called ‘mainstream media’ and by Internet trolls on the social media.

And by the way, education and social concerns are not in the constitutional purview of the federal government. They should stay out of this issue altogether.

Sexual preferences and mistaken ideas about gender aren’t civil rights issues; they are concerns for parents, not government.

All that, and more, is what’s wrong with C-16.

The Christian Heritage Party has always supported the right to privacy based on biological reality or birth gender. Individuals, regardless of their “feelings” must use the washrooms, change rooms and shower facilities provided for their biological gender. Make a stand today; join CHP Canada.

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