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What’s Behind the “Global Warming” Scare?

Tue, December 03, 2013   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 20    Issue 49   

RonGrayThere’s a hidden danger lurking in cheerleading by the consensus media (a.k.a. the “lamestream” media), as it continues its relentless drum-beat for “global warming”— in spite of the fact that the globe hasn’t warmed for 18 years, and in spite of the revelation that promoters of global warming have been relentlessly fudging the figures for at least that many years, while slandering anyone who suggests the sun, rather than human activity, might actually govern the world’s temperature.

But to expose that hidden danger, we have to ask: “Why?”

Why does the UN’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) keep sounding the alarm, while faking the data? Why do so many universities, and almost all the media, chime in? What do they hope to accomplish?

Allow me to offer a speculation—one well worth your consideration.

But first, let’s apply the same question to the infamous Agenda 21, published by the UN in 1992—almost 20 years ago. What does that blueprint envision for the world’s serfs (you and me)?

Probably no city in the world has gone as far down the path to Agenda 21 as Vancouver: Mayor Gregor Robertson has bullied his City Council into adopting plans for a “green” city with greatly-increased population density—almost exactly the opposite of what most Vancouverites want. And with the result that Vancouver is now rated as worst on the continent for traffic jams. It’s Agenda 21 in action: herd the people into urban compounds so the elite can “re-wild” the core of the continent, giving it back to the animals.

After all, people, Maurice Strong once opined, are a cancer on the planet! Mr. Strong was, at the time Agenda 21 was furtively adopted and began to be promoted through local municipalities (like Vancouver), the right-hand-man to Kofi Anan, then Secretary-General of the UN. Agenda 21 was Strong’s baby: cut the global population way, way down, and herd the people into urban ghettos; that was the goal.

Back then, the cry was “reduce the population” and “re-wild North America.” The motive was anti-industrialism.

Today, the cry is “We’re all gonna fry!” but the motive is still anti-industrialism.

Human industry and innovation has lifted the most people in all history out of poverty—and is beginning to clean the environment, too. But it stands in the way of the élitists’ access to power.

In the case of global warming, the tactic has been to create a panic over an imagined global crisis—one that will require a global power to coordinate the response. And who is standing by, waiting to volunteer to be that global power?

Why, the good ol’ UN!

So what if it takes a few lies and twisted statistics to reach the goal? The goal—global power—is all that matters.

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