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What Just Happened?

Tue, September 28, 2021   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 28    Issue 39 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

On September 20, 2021, millions of Canadians went to the polls to express an opinion about the type of government they want. At least that is what was supposed to happen. At a cost of over $600 million—some say it was over a billion—Canadians voted to keep everything, more or less, as is. A Liberal minority government with an arrogant and petulant Prime Minister at its head, will continue to promote abortion, euthanasia, gender confusion and vaccine passports.

During the course of the campaign, the three biggest federal parties—Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP—promised various demographic groups that they would spend increasing amounts of taxpayer dollars on projects that they believed would resonate with those groups. While defending the lockdowns that have crippled the economy and the CERB payouts that were supposed to compensate those who have lost jobs or businesses due to COVID, they continued to promote unconstitutional vaccine passports as a means to get society back to health.

The buying of votes by promises to spend taxpayer dollars continues to distort electoral results. From promises to provide government-subsidized childcare to promises to fix “climate change” by adding new carbon taxes, it seems as though the majority of Canadian voters still have not figured out the most basic principle about government spending . . . the fact that governments HAVE NO MONEY! In fact, it’s worse than that; it’s not only true that governments have no money, but today’s federal government is already $1 trillion in debt! Every dollar promised for a federal program is a borrowed dollar.

What about the media? What about the polls? What happened when Canadians went looking for information about their candidates and the parties they represented?

The media carried on much as it has in the past, but perhaps with greater abandon. CBC, our taxpayer-funded national broadcaster continued to delude the public; in the words of Brian Lilley, “…the Liberals are getting what they are paying for.” They perpetuate the fiction that there were only 5 or 6 parties worth considering. Their infamous “Vote Compass” claimed to be a place where voters could compare their personal priorities to those of the parties with candidates on the ballot. Unfortunately, they failed to include information about 14 of the 20 registered federal parties, including the Christian Heritage Party. Their presumption became the assumption for many voters. For far too many voters, if they didn’t see a party leader on the evening news, they assumed that that leader, that party, and the candidates representing it were not viable alternatives and not worth serious consideration. This passive discrimination was further demonstrated by the exclusion of all but a few party leaders from the televised leaders’ debates.

One party that gained considerable ground in spite of the negative media spin was Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party. Although they still failed to win a single seat, they earned a significant vote share, primarily from Canadian voters who were reacting to the tyrannical imposition of “vaccine passports” and other forms of coercive compliance manipulation.

This groundswell of support for personal freedom and constitutional rights was encouraging on one level but contained a bittersweet element that we hope can be corrected before the next federal election. While the People’s Party did not get media treatment equal with that received by the Big Three, it did receive significant amounts of airtime, which gave it the benefit of credibility. Max’s well-attended rallies and well-organized and well-funded campaign strategies were a good part of his success, but regular appearances on both mainstream and alternate media bolstered the impression that he and the PPC were going to make significant gains in the polls . . . and they did.

The disappointing sidenote to that was Max’s repeated claim before and during the campaign that the PPC was “the only party” standing up for freedom or standing up against the carbon tax or standing up against the intrusive vaccine passports. Those statements—repeated by PPC candidates and often by those supporting them—were simply untrue, as the Christian Heritage Party took exactly the same position on those issues. However, the impression that the PPC stood alone on those issues, combined with their obvious momentum in the polls gave them . . . further momentum in the polls.

I think every CHP candidate was aware that many votes that might have gone to the CHP were given instead to the PPC. What is not known is to what extent voters who marked their ballots for the PPC would consider themselves pro-life. That is a significant distinction between the written policies of the PPC and those of the CHP. The Christian Heritage Party has both “the protection of innocent human life from conception until natural death” and “the restoration of marriage as between one man and one woman” as written policies. The PPC has neither, as they have not formally debated or adopted these issues at a policy convention. For now, they have Maxime Bernier’s personal priorities as the central planks of party policy, and it’s unclear how many candidates, supporters and voters have thought much about where the PPC stands on these very important topics.

The overwhelming reality of this election campaign is that most Canadians did not want it, it cost a lot of money, and the end result was a government very much like the one that just dissolved 6 weeks ago. God help our troubled land!

I want to personally thank every one of our CHP candidates who ran on our banner of Life! Family! and Freedom! Your efforts during this campaign were significant, even if the results were far short of your own expectations. Canadian voters still need to hear from you. We can’t fall into the siren trap of promising money instead of proclaiming the truth. Canada still needs the biblical values that once made our nation great. Our willingness to speak the truth regardless of the political cost is what sets us apart. We must continue to be salt and light; the coming generations need the truth!

If you haven’t joined the only political party that truly stands for Life! Family! and Freedom!, today is the day! Join CHP Canada!

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