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What Is ‘Treason’?

Tue, August 01, 2023   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 30    Issue 31 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

What is treason? One dictionary definition is: “showing no loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies or trying to defeat its government.”

Those examples raise some interesting thoughts. Consider:

  • Wouldn’t crippling the economic prospects of one part of the country by imposing barriers against the export of its resources be an instance of “showing no loyalty to your country”?
  • Would assisting a foreign government or other agency to cripple Canada’s economy constitute “helping its enemies”?
  • Wouldn’t closing businesses, schools and churches with no scientific basis for the closure and engineering panic be “showing no loyalty to your country”?
  • Would by-passing Parliament to rule by fiat, rather than legislation, constitute “trying to defeat its government”?

If so, then the present prime minister and deputy prime minister/finance minister might both very well be considered guilty of treason against Canada!

Both have engineered the cancellation of about $40 billion worth of private investment in pipelines that would have given western oil and natural gas access to lucrative foreign markets in both Asia and Europe. Why? Because they don’t like fossil fuels. But there has never been an intelligent public debate on fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is plant food, essential for all life on the planet, not ‘pollution.'

Both cabinet officers are long-time members of the World Economic Forum, a non-government cabal which is actively trying to shut down Canada’s fossil fuel industry. That makes WEF an enemy of Canada, because the energy sector is one of Canada’s most important sources of income; and because abundant cheap energy has done more to lift millions out of poverty than any other economic factor. And because Canadian oil and gas is the most ethical energy in the world.

And both the PM and Deputy PM have repeatedly by-passed Parliament, ruling by executive decree on matters that should properly have been debated first in the House of Commons. As the first PM Trudeau once famously remarked, “Fifty yards from Parliament Hill, an MP is a nobody.” Indeed, treating elected Members of Parliament like seals, trained to bark on command, is actually subverting the nation’s constitutional form of government, isn’t it?

And handing over the power and authority of our national government to an unelected body of plutocrats, like the billionaires’ club that meets annually at Davos in Switzerland, is certainly subverting democratic governance of Canada! So also is the federal government’s deputizing private companies, like social media and legacy ‘news’ media to limit citizens’ Charter rights in ways the government itself cannot legally do (for example, curtailing free expression by suspending bank accounts or insurance policies, as was done to impair the rights of the Freedom Convoy truckers).

So who will bell the cat? Who will cry “TREASON!” when our prime minister and his deputy subvert the very government they were elected to lead?

I’d like to volunteer: Mr. Trudeau, your repeated scandals and violations of conflict of interest guidelines disqualify you for office. In previous eras, when shame mattered, anyone with your record of malfeasance would long since have resigned. Please quit!

Ron Gray is a former leader of CHP Canada and speaks for us all when he calls on our scandal-stained Prime Minister to step down and call an election. A new, responsible government must be formed. The Christian Heritage Party of Canada supports responsible resource use, mandated balanced budgets, free votes in the House of Commons and an end to corporate welfare. Government should not be picking winners and losers. Taxpayers must be liberated from the reckless spending and economy-destroying policies of the current, out-of-touch Trudeau regime.

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