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We’re Being Colonized—With Ottawa’s Help—Part 1

Tue, April 17, 2018   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 25    Issue 16 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Editors Note: Sometimes a complex subject requires more than a brief Communiqué to peel back the layers. This is one of those times! Past Leader of CHP Canada, Ron Gray, has prepared a series to guide us through the ramifications of allowing massive immigration from countries with a world view contrary to our Canadian world view. We hope you enjoy this three part series.

OK, folks; I know you’ve got lots of problems to worry about…public school sex-ed programs are brainwashing your kids, from Kindergarten right through to Grade 12, to believe that gender is fluid, not binary; university has become a place where Marxist and atheist professors drive faith out of your kids, and put them 50 grand in debt; taxes have made Mom and Dad wage-slaves to the state. This is just a few of the attacks Canadians face.

But alas, I have to add another concern to your growing burden: one that isn’t being noticed by the lapdog “lamestream” media:

Canada is being colonized…with Ottawa’s eager assistance.

A fact that the legacy media won’t tell you is that our universities and colleges, already infested with Marxist professors—liberals and “progressives” outnumber conservatives ten to one—are now being bought up with Wahabbi Muslim money—petrodollars from the Persian Gulf; money we spend on conflict oil, because Liberal Ottawa and left-wing provincial governments kibosh pipelines that would enable us to thrive on ethical Canadian oil.

This money is not coming from Canadian Muslims rather it is coming from countries that favour a different world view…women as lesser beings is one of them. Canadian young people, rather than learning critical thinking, are learning to combine contrary thoughts into an inconsistent bundle of contradictions and believe it makes sense. In order to keep the money rolling in universities have sold themselves to the highest bidder…whatever the cost. Our Canadian world view deserves better than that; we need to control the inflow of funds into our universities.

It’s really hard to come by figures for Canadian universities; but we can guess that we’re being bought up at about the same rate as American universities; and thanks to Campus Watch, a think tank in the USA, we begin to get a picture of how that’s going. Here are a few examples:


  • $20 million from the Saudis
  • $750,000 from Libya
  • $250,000 from United Arab Emirates (UAE)


  • $20 million from Saudi Arabia
  • $2.5 million from UAE (withdrawn in 2004, after a protest accusing Sheikh Zayad bin Sultan of funding an “anti-Semitic think tank”)

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who is ranked among the dozen richest men in the world every year, gave America University of Cairo $10 million; American University in Beirut $5.2 million; Cornell University another $10 million…

Then there was $200,000 for Duke University, and $5 million for American University, from international arms merchant Adnan Khashoggi; plus grants for endowed chairs of Islamic and Middle Eastern study at the University of California at Santa Barbara; Rice University; University of Arkansas; UCLA; and University of California at Berkeley…

I haven’t yet been able to pin it down officially, but I’ve been told that the University of Victoria got $10 million of Saudi money, and unspecified sums also went to the University of Toronto—and who knows? UBC? SFU? Carleton? Ottawa? McGill? Queens? We’re putting out enquiries—but these things often get hidden when reporters come snooping around.

We cannot protect our Canadian rights and freedoms if we allow them to be sold to the highest bidder…or highest donor.

The colonization of Canada by Islam, the political arm of the Muslim faith, is getting a lot of help from Ottawa, too.

During the 2015 federal election, Justin Trudeau—by his own statement on videotape—affirmed he spoke in almost every mosque across Canada. It didn’t seem to bother our “feminist” Prime Minister that the audience there was segregated—he smilingly greeted “the sisters in the balcony”… a confirmation of his patriarchal roots that bears no resemblance or commitment to the Canadian belief in the equality of women.

Those speaking engagements were arranged for him by Omar Alghabra, the Liberal MP for Mississauga Centre. Alghabra’s reward? He was appointed by PM Trudeau as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minster of Foreign Affairs. That puts Mr. Alghabra in charge of all Canadian consulates around the world.

It’s interesting that Saudi-born Alghabra has already tried three times to bring Sharia Law into Canada, working to bootleg Sharia courts in under Ontario’s Arbitration Act. But he was defeated three times, because a strong opposition to Sharia was raised by Muslim women—they know what they don’t want to be subjected under again!

For people like Omar Alghabra, however, “Yes” means “Yes;” and “No” means “Wrong answer; try again…and again…and again…ad nauseam.

In short, our Prime Minister has sold out Canada to bring about his view that Canada must be the first Post-National State. Whether it’s under the rule of the Caliphate where women are considered lesser beings than men and where gays and lesbians are often executed. Whether we have to live under tyranny as Dhimmi or whether we are compelled to convert to Islam, there is nothing good in what our Prime Minister is seeking to impose on us.

For a political party that, before the alarm was fully sounded, had already produced a platform to protect Canada from being colonized by a tyrannical world view, join CHP Canada. The time to fight is before the battle has ended.

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