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Trudeau’s Trojan Horses

Tue, February 14, 2023   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 30    Issue 7 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Greek mythology tells of a massive “Trojan Horse,” that was used to gain entrance to the city of Troy. According to the story, the Greeks built a huge wooden horse and left it at the gates of Troy, pretending it was a gift. Inside the horse were hidden dozens of armed soldiers. That night—after the horse had been drawn inside the city walls—the soldiers emerged, opened the gates for their army and conquered the city.

Canada has been victim to a series of trojan horses that have almost conquered our freedoms. It seems, we haven’t learned the lessons of our own history. Devious and deceptive plans have altered our institutions, undermined our democratic ideals and opened our gates to destructive philosophies and government policies. Yet, many seem unaware of the enemy in our midst.

Let’s name a few of these horses that have come out of PM Trudeau’s stable:

Deficit Spending: In 2015, while running for office, Justin promised a few years of “modest” deficits before returning to balanced budgets. Instead, massive deficit spending has crippled our economy, fed an inflationary spiral, and diminished our ability to pay for essentials like healthcare and national defence. The Prime Minister no longer talks about balanced budgets. Canada is $1.2 trillion in debt, a debt that grows by $144 million every day. We spend $34.7 billion on interest payments each year, approximately $95 million per day.

Marijuana: The federal government first opened the gates to the widespread use of psychotropic drugs in 2018, when it legalized “recreational” marijuana—loaded with mind-bending THC. Today, in the province of BC, possession of ALL street drugs is legal in small quantities. That’s with federal approval as a “pilot project.” The fentanyl / opioid deaths and the wasted lives of the addicts who live on the streets with no home or purpose have not deterred social architects from conducting this huge and dangerous social experiment.

MAiD: “Medical Assistance in Dying,” the government’s euphemism for the killing of human beings by doctors, began in Canada with the sensationalized story of Sue Rodriguez, who chose to be killed by a doctor before that practice was legalized. The Supreme Court case in 2015 and the passage of Bill C-14 in 2016 were sold to the public on the basis of personal autonomy, the alleviation of unbearable suffering and only in the case of an imminently foreseeable death. In 2023, all those pretences have been brushed aside, as the death toll from MAiD has risen to over 10,000 Canadians per year. Imminent death is no longer a requirement. Chronic disability, emotional pain and even poverty have now become accepted grounds for terminating a life. As far as personal autonomy is concerned, there are now multiple incidents of individuals being pressured to accept MAiD, sometimes being denied scarce but available medical care.

Gun Control: These things always come disguised as “safety measures.” Every misuse of a firearm becomes a talking point for gun control. A few years ago, “military-style assault rifles” were banned by an Order-in-Council. In the most recent iteration, Bill C-21 began as a handgun ban but with a clumsy sleight-of-hand amendment, at the last minute, it would have also included a whole list of popular hunting rifles. That was a bit too rich for Canadians and the controversial amendment was withdrawn. Don’t expect that to be the end of it. They’ll be back. In the meantime, thousands of Canadians have been denied the right to legally possess a handgun.

Health Care Dollars: The worst Trojan Horse deception yet is at our gates right now. It is the poorly-disguised attempt by the Prime Minister to implement China’s social-credit policies through the imposition of a digital ID combined with a transition to CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). He and his cronies experimented with these concepts last year with the hated ArriveCan app, vax passports and the freezing of the bank accounts of those who supported the Truckers Convoy, people the PM said had “unacceptable views.”

Mr. Trudeau has announced a “carrot-and-stick” approach in a desperate attempt to manipulate provincial premiers into establishing a national digital ID. In exchange for their cooperation, he’s promising additional healthcare dollars ($46 billion over 10 years) to try to fix their healthcare systems, their shortages of doctors and nurses, etc.—all things that his government’s extraordinarily expensive and intrusive covid policies created or greatly exacerbated. Of course, the stick is: no money if you don’t cooperate.

If he succeeds in this cynical negotiation with the provinces, we can expect more dictatorial measures to follow close on its heels. He long ago expressed his admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship.” Will the premiers have the courage to resist the stick and the discipline to reject the carrot? Not likely. We don’t have to go as far back as the Trojan Horse of Greek mythology to see the results when we are enticed by soothing words. We ought to look in the mouth of this gift horse. The people of Canada have been fooled too often by smooth words and empty promises.

We in the Christian Heritage Party understand that the road back to moral sanity and fiscal balance is a difficult one. Budgets do not balance themselves and leopards do not change their spots. We can, however, change the future by rejecting the deceptions of socialism and embracing, once again, the biblical morality that was the basis of Canada’s prosperity.

We need you in this battle for our country. If you’re not already a member, join CHP Canada today.

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