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Trudeau’s Gift: Unequal Rights

Tue, May 16, 2017   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 24    Issue 20 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

With information taken from Tarek Fatah’s book Chasing a Mirage.

Ten weeks before voting day—May 9—in BC’s provincial election this year, I made an important policy statement at an all-candidates’ meeting; and because there were no reporters present at the meeting, I also issued a news release.

The news release announced that I’ve prepared a draft Bill to present to the BC Legislature to prohibit sharia law in BC.

The news release went to the local newspaper, The Abbotsford (BC) News; it also went to both Vancouver dailies and all Vancouver radio and television stations. And to dailies and TV stations across Canada.

The result? Silence. Presumably, the so-called “mainstream media” in Canada think there is no threat. Perhaps they don’t know that there have already been three attempts to bring sharia to Canada; perhaps they don’t know that there is a man in the federal Cabinet who advocates sharia law for Canada.

Let’s look at the history of those attempts to impose an alien law-code that condones wife-beating, so-called “honour” killing, forced marriages of child-brides, death for apostasy and blasphemy—and so much more.

When the McGuinty Liberal government of Ontario appointed former NDP Attorney-General Marion Boyd to write a report on a proposal to incorporate sharia into the provincial Arbitration Act in 2003, Boyd delivered a Report that skirted the word “sharia” by referring instead to “Muslim principles.”

But the Muslim Canadian Congress was quick to denounce the Boyd Report, saying that what Boyd was recommending under “Muslim principles” was in fact “sharia by stealth.”

Professor Omid Safi, the Iranian-American Professor of Islamic Studies at Colgate University in New York State, said:

The use of religious law as a substitute for laws created by Parliament, and the establishment of a multi-tier legal system—one for average Canadian and one for Muslim Canadians—is not only unjust, but also detrimental to the wellbeing of all Canadian citizens.

Furthermore, Canadian Muslim reformer, author and newspaper columnist Tarek Fatah wrote that introducing sharia into the judicial system “will ghettoize the Muslim community, making their already difficult task of integrating into Canadian society even more onerous.”

Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi took a firm stand against the introduction of Islamic tribunals into Canada, warning that they would open the door to human rights abuses.

Fatah said that across the whole Muslim world, “progressive and liberal men and women are fighting to keep sharia out of the political system.”

Significantly, many women’s groups in Canada were led by Alia Hogben, then president of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, in a successful campaign to stop the campaign to bootleg Sharia into Canada.

In his book Chasing a Mirage, Tarek Fatah warns:

While Islamists in Canada were defeated in their attempt to introduce sharia, they are still in the country and will use every possible opportunity to revive the issue.

“Still in the country?” Oh, yes! Indeed, one—Omar Alghabra, the Liberal MP for Mississauga, is now Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs; he’s in the federal Cabinet! This appointment was apparently his reward for arranging speaking engagements in mosques across Canada for Justin Trudeau during the 2015 election campaign.

Alghabra has tried three times to smuggle sharia into Canada, and has now been placed in a position that gives him control of all Canada’s consulates around the world!

The threat of sharia to Canada is greater than ever!

Canada should take note. That’s why I proposed that British Columbia pass legislation to prohibit sharia—and if the Trudeau government continues to court the Muslim vote by favouring advocates of sharia, to remind Ottawa that BC entered Confederation 146 years ago, not just for extension of the railway to the West Coast, but also to gain assurance of the continuation of our rights under the shared Canadian heritage of English Common Law.

If those rights are to be subordinated to an alien law-code, BC might have to rescind our participation in Confederation.

That’s why Justin Trudeau’s pandering to the Islamist vote could spell the end of Canada. It’s a pity the “lamestream” media let their bias against Christians blind them to this important issue.

The battle for our heritage—our Christian heritage—rages on in Canada. If we won’t defend it, we will lose it.

Join CHP Canada today and fight for the freedoms and equalities that form a part of our heritage.

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