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Travel Documents, Please!

Tue, March 09, 2021   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 28    Issue 10 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Here I sit in Ontario, where we’re told to “Stay Home” in many different languages. However it’s said though, the message from our government is the same. You may not move about freely. Most of us understand that we are dealing with a virus that goes wherever an infected person goes, but a growing number of people also understand that over the past year, our “Fundamental Freedoms” have suffered increasingly severe restrictions.

Last March Break, our family plans were cancelled because of COVID. We understood and complied. Our hospitals (we were told) needed two weeks to be prepared for the volume of people expected to become seriously ill with COVID. But that was a year ago, and much has happened since then.

In recent months, we have heard bitter invective poured out on “anti-maskers” and “COVID deniers” from the lips of those who assent to government measures. Many Canadians have been housebound while too many politicians have ignored the “stay at home requirements” they themselves endorsed; they headed off to the sunny south, but we had to stay home (as they told us to).

Businessmen have been charged and arrested for attempting to keep their businesses afloat. Protesters have been arrested for objecting to increased government intrusion in our lives. Canadians have learned to rely on government support rather than self support. Canadian international travellers now budget an additional $2,000 or more to complete their holiday with a required stay at a “COVID hotel” where many face problems getting palatable food and drinks, and have even waited up to 6 hours for food to be delivered. In short, who would have thought when we entered “COVID Times” last year that we would be living without our basic rights for a year?

Perhaps the scariest thought is what the future likely holds for us. Did we really think that someday life was going back to normal? “Required changes” are couched in lovely language that makes it just “make sense” to live “the new normal.”

What happens to those who choose not to get the experimental COVID vaccines? Ontario’s Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, gave us a sneak peak, saying that it’s: “…going to be really important for people to have for travel purposes, perhaps for work purposes, for going to theatres or cinemas or any other places where people will be in closer physical contact…” This would be a violation of our civil liberties, but that does not mean it won’t happen. Prime Minister Trudeau reassured Canadians that there are no plans for vaccine passports, but one might be excused for doubting this reassurance, given his track record of changing his mind about previous restrictions.

In Israel, which is moving quickly on vaccinations, those vaccinated have been issued a “Green Passport,” which will be required to attend events. People are free to choose not to be vaccinated; there will be no personal sanctions, but they will not have the freedom to go everywhere people with “Green Passports” can go.

Some members of the European Union are also calling for “Vaccine Passports” to travel or attend events. “Sweden and Denmark have already announced electronic certificates that could allow bearers to travel abroad, attend sports or cultural events and even dine in Danish restaurants.”

So, the debate rages in the “Developed World” where vaccines are more readily available. “It’s a tricky subject, but governments are already looking at introducing systems that would enable authorities, and possibly businesses, to tell if a person has had a Covid vaccine or not.”

Are you starting to get a little nervous? It would be nice to have a guarantee that nobody would transmit COVID (or any other disease) to anyone else, but are we willing to give up our cherished “Rights and Freedoms” to be free from this danger? And could vaccinations even accomplish that? That’s still not known.

Our Charter, in agreement with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights—of which we and all but eight countries are signatories—assures us of our right to not be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned. It assures us of our right to come and go as we please. It assures us of our right to work. It assures us of many of the rights that have been violated by our government over the past year.

Whether we are forced to close our businesses at government command, or to stay at “COVID hotels” by government command . . . whether we are disparaged for expressing our right to free speech and opinion, or arrested for enjoying our freedom of association, we must acknowledge that rights have never been easy to keep; their preservation requires diligence and sacrifice. But, in order to be free people, these rights are essential.

If our rights came from a Charter that did not recognize God as their foundation, then we could not claim these rights to be “universal” or “fundamental.” They would be ours at a government’s whim.

But our Charter acknowledges that our rights and freedoms come from God: “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law….” Our rights and freedoms are not derived from the whim of a government; rather their foundation is God Almighty. Thus, even if it makes sense from a human perspective to issue a “COVID certificate” assuring others that we have been inoculated, it does not make sense from a Godly perspective. For those of us who believe that our rights are God-given, then to take them away, for any reason, is wrong and bears the marks of human tyranny.

The question has to be asked: “Are our rights a gift of God or a construction of man?” If they are a construction of man, then our Rights and Freedoms can both go; we are merely vassals of the state. If our Rights and Freedoms are God-given, then it is our duty, as ambassadors of the Most-High, to protect and defend them at all costs. There are health risks in everything we do, even in lockdowns and isolation; the loss of our rights and freedoms is also a grave risk. In all things, we must ask God’s wisdom and place our lives in His Hands.

CHP Canada will continue to defend Canadians’ God-given right to make our own health decisions. We must not allow our government to unconstitutionally restrict the free movement of Canadians by implementing a “COVID certificate.”

Now is the time to make a stand! Join CHP today!

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