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This Election - Hold Politicians Accountable!

Tue, July 13, 2021   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 28    Issue 28 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the thought processes of a “trust fund” person and your average Canadian? As the person in our home who balances the budget, I can safely say that there is a huge difference.

As an average, every day Canadian, when I decide that I want to buy something, I check to see if I can afford it. If I can’t afford it, then I make do with the current situation until I can afford it.

I’m sure you can relate to this line of reasoning!

On the other hand, when a “trust fund” Canadian, who never had to worry about budgeting has a want, there is no second-thought but to simply go ahead and make it happen. There is no consideration for the financial repercussions because, to the un-trained mind, money is just there! It always has been, always will be, there’s no other explanation; they have a want, so they order it up.

I’m sure you’ve already realized that I’m talking about our “Trust Fund Prime Minister.” Like Marie Antoinette, his grasp of financial realities is limited . . . very limited. While many Canadians are struggling to make ends meet, he solves the hunger problem with the expansive and ignorant, “Let them eat cake” solution. His life has been funded by his grandfather’s wealth; it keeps him in the lap of luxury, but out of touch with financial reality. We all know that, in the long-run, deficits hurt Canadians; he either doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

“When the provinces are factored in, Canadian budget deficits are expected to end the year (2020) at about 20 per cent of GDP, which will be the fourth-highest level in the world, according to a recent IMF report cited by Bloomberg.”

Wow! “Fourth highest in the world!” That’s our annual Deficit-to-GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ranking. When we consider the accumulated Debt-to-GDP ratio, the situation is even worse: our national debt amounts to 88% of our annual productivity.

Our Prime Minister once famously said, “the budget will balance itself.” Therein lies the source of the problem. Our Prime Minister has never had to wonder how he’s going to pay his bills . . . he could count on his inheritance, his grandfather’s wealth, to cover it. But most Canadians don’t have heaps of money left to them by their grandfathers. Most of us slug it out day-in and day-out trying to make sufficient funds to feed, clothe and shelter our families. This is done in the midst of increased taxes; our Prime Minister has no idea of the impact of those costs on the average family.

Perhaps he assumes that you got a 10% increase in your salary to cover increased taxes, right? Or, your business cleared an increase of more than 10%—while it was shut down for the pandemic, —right? Can’t afford bread? “Let them eat cake.” In reality, we can’t afford “cake” because inflation has already caused prices to rise, and this is just the beginning.

“…the federal government reported its highest inflation figures in a decade, the latest in a monthly trend of rapid price growth. Canada’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 3.6 per cent in May, marking the fastest annual rise since May 2011, when the world was recovering from a recession. The overall cost of living jumped 10 per cent from a year ago.”

Mr. Trudeau’s national carbon tax has also resulted in dramatic increases in the costs of groceries, cars, real estate and fuel! Some experts think rising prices are only temporary. Others warn of runaway inflation and devalued currency, but the PM tries to allay our fears by promising future rebates on carbon taxes . . . if you can survive financially for another four years. “Trudeau emphasized the rebates Canadians get will also increase, with an average family of four in Ontario receiving $1,259 when the price of carbon hits $95 per tonne in 2025, going up to $2,018 in 2030.”

I quiver at the thought! I just have to keep going financially until 2025 to get a little relief, and if that isn’t exciting enough, if I can keep my head above water until 2030, I’ll get a little more of a perk!

But wait! There’s more; while we keep our nose to the grindstone, Mr. Trudeau is running across the country paving the way for his re-election. A few million dollars here, a few million dollars there. Plus $502 million dollars spent on an election that we neither need nor want. Someone will have to pay for his largesse.

That’s right. He is spending our children’s future tax dollars on election promises today; he wants Canadians to go to the polls before they become aware of the true cost of his extravagant spending.

What he can’t avoid is the financial effects of printing money with nothing to back it up. Last June, our Canadian credit rating was downgraded from AAA to AA+. That impacts the cost for Canada to keep borrowing money. Our federal debt load, for the first time ever, is over $1.2 TRILLION. When interest rates go up, the cost of servicing that debt will also skyrocket.

While there were extenuating circumstances during the pandemic, the Liberal reaction to this crisis was totally unacceptable. While CHP Canada called for our borders to be closed in February 2020, in response to the impending pandemic, our government postponed for months any meaningful restrictions on flights from Wuhan. This was followed by months of unreasonable restrictions on Canadians returning home from the U.S.

While the CHP called for the sick to be protected, and the healthy to continue working, our country was arbitrarily locked down, resulting in Canadian small businesses being eviscerated. The effect was felt by average Canadians, but also worldwide as 41 million people face imminent starvation according to the World Food Program. Global supply chains are still crippled and further shortages of food, fuel and building supplies are almost certain.

Our Prime Minister has the power to trigger an election, but let’s not give him a free pass. He has devastated the finances of Canadians for generations to come and should not be rewarded with a majority government. Conservative Leader, Erin O’Toole has done nothing to earn your confidence; in fact, he promises his own complicated carbon tax and rebate system. But CHP candidates across the country are prepared to offer Canadians a viable alternative. Help us find a good candidate to run in your electoral district!

It’s time for Canadians to stand up and protect our children’s future. It’s time for us to require accountability for our national finances. It’s time for us to tell this “trust fund Prime Minister” that we don’t have a bottomless purse. It’s time to protect Canada’s core values of Life, Family and Freedom.

Join us today! Make this the election that we hold politicians accountable!

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