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The Terrorist Beside You

Tue, February 18, 2020   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 27    Issue 7 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Do you remember the crazy world of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”? I read the book as a child and remember Alice always feeling out of her element because everything was backwards. I can’t help but wonder if Canada today is “Wonderland”. I seem to be constantly feeling out of touch with Canada’s reality.

Rules used to keep us safe… they were fences put up to keep us out of trouble. Fences today seem to be capricious, ambiguous, and tilted in favour of political opinion rather than right or wrong.

We live in a post 9-11 world that forces us to stare terrorists in the face. I remember the first year that the small town I live in had a massive police presence at Remembrance Day ceremonies. I don’t mean in dress uniform participating in the ceremonies—rather they were dressed in ‘SWAT’ uniforms watching the crowd from the perimeter. I was angry! Why did we need that kind of presence? Had the terrorists won by forcing us to face the results of their terrorism?

Like most of us, I’ve adapted to the new police presence that protects gatherings of citizens. But, now are we being forced to look in the face of terrorism again?

I recently saw this video by Ezra Levant in which he discusses arriving by airplane in Halifax—where he discovered that Omar Khadr was on the same plane! The police were not happy when he exposed it in the airport.

You remember Omar Khadr . . . the convicted terrorist, murderer of an allied American soldier in Afghanistan, and who also blinded another US soldier, again our ally. He spent ten years in Guantanamo Bay because he was a terrorist and thus an enemy to our soldiers and our country.

Move forward to the era where our Prime Minister likes basic dictatorships . . . where our Prime Minister deferentially bows to terrorists . . . where our Prime Minister pays $10.5 million dollars to a convicted terrorist while declining to ensure Khadr’s victims time to file for compensation . . . an era where a convicted terrorist can be sitting next to you on an airplane and you will face police threats of arrest if you object. In other words, move forward to Canada’s “Wonderland”.

The CHP’s definition of a convicted terrorist is someone who has used “violence and fear to achieve geopolitical, military, financial or ideological ends.” That sounds like a pretty reasonable description to me.

We already know that Omar Khadr has used violence and fear. He confessed to throwing the grenade that killed one US soldier and one that blinded a US soldier. His words . . . “So I thought, I’m just going to throw this grenade and maybe just scare them away.” We lost over 150 soldiers in Afghanistan; he sat and made landmines to blow our soldiers and our allies to pieces and he actually threw the grenades. These acts are violent! A Canadian young offender could expect a maximum 10-year sentence for murder in Canada. This person committed treason by fighting against his country and supported the killing and maiming of allied soldiers.

But he received—from you and me—$10.5 million dollars in damages because our allies held him at Guantanamo Bay for 10 years for his acts of war while he fought for our enemies. Did you think that you owed him that money? The CHP position is, “The $10 million award to Omar Khadr was an insult to our soldiers, our allies and all Canadian taxpayers.”

And now, moving forward to the latest news, should Omar Khadr be free to fly about Canada? The next time you’re on a plane, you could be sitting beside him. Our peace of mind while flying has been given into the hands of a convicted terrorist! Are you feeling safe with this knowledge?

Our CHP platform says that “Canada must stand firmly against terrorism at home and abroad”. Are we “standing firm” when a convicted terrorist is free to fly beside us? I find it reprehensible that Khadr was the “guest speaker” at a publicly funded university. Really? Did any of my tax dollars go from the federal coffers to support Dalhousie University?

I admire Roméo Dallaire, the host of the event, for his efforts to control the genocide in Rwanda, but I am not prepared to make a hero out of someone who fought AGAINST Canada in a war. Whatever his role, I did not want to make a millionaire out of someone who joined in killing Canadian soldiers and our allies.

Our CHP position is that terrorists “must not be allowed to become public martyrs for their cause.” This is so contrary to the Canadian official position that we have to wonder how Canadians can be so polarized on something that seems so much like common sense.

Is our definition of terrorism where the difference starts?

According to our government, the “no fly list” includes people of whom there is “reasonable grounds to suspect they will: Engage, or attempt to engage, in an act that would threaten transportation security; or travel by air to commit certain terrorism offences, such as participating in or contributing to terrorist activities; or funding, training and/or recruiting for a terrorist group.” I would have to say that Khadr fits into this role. He has been convicted of terrorism and has not renounced terrorism. He has thrown grenades at our allied soldiers and built landmines to blow our soldiers up. He is not an average Canadian. He is a Canadian who fought against Canada in a war, killing our allies and having a hand in killing and maiming our soldiers.

Our Liberal government is so busy “friending” people that they are failing in their job to protect Canadians. Their job is not to pauper us so terrorists can go free. Their job is not to force us to be apologetic to someone who has violated us. Is their job to allow a terrifying person to terrorize Canadians by their presence in vulnerable situations? Or, when his shortened sentence was up, should he have been allowed to move freely about Canada? We need to think about these things.

CHP policy is that, our “responsibility toward our nation, Canada, is to maintain justice, peace and harmony”.

Compare our CHP position on the government’s role in protecting Canadians from terrorism . . . “standing firm,” compared to that of our current government, who make terrorists multi-millionaires, able to further their cause. Will Omar Khadr ever perform another terrorist act? Time will tell, but, it is time for Canadians to demand that we leave “Wonderland”; to demand common-sense from our governments who confusedly give rights to terrorists and take rights away from Canadians.

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