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The Power of One

Tue, December 03, 2019   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 26    Issue 48 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Sadly, the world was reminded this past Friday of the threat of terrorism that could arise at any time. The heroics in England on the London Bridge reminded me again of the power of one person who refuses to submit.

I saw the video of the battle between Guzman Khan and some brave men who would not submit to his terror tactics. But, what I found most moving was a colleague’s description of “Lukasz”, the man who first risked his own life and ran into danger. His colleague assured us that the hero, Lukasz, was a humble man would not put himself forward as a hero.

Lukasz is a civilian who ran toward danger to save others. Running toward danger is something that we accept from career first responders, often without considering the incredible value of the risks they take, but which we marvel at when someone without their training becomes a first responder. If I had been the bystander hearing victims scream, would I have grabbed the narwhal tusk (as Lukasz did) and taken on a violent terrorist brandishing two knives? Would you? I stand in awe of those who put themselves in harm’s way to perform heroic deeds to help others.

Another of the most moving accounts of heroism that I’ve heard of is the action of a few men on Flight 93 on Sept. 11, 2001. Those men fought the terrorists and lost their lives when Flight 93 crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Their brave actions are believed to have saved the US Capitol Building in Washington DC and the men and women of the US Congress, the legislative branch of the US Government.

Once again, one man refused to submit to fear and terror and mobilized others to take action with him. One man, Todd Beamer, uttered those now famous words: “Let’s roll” Todd Beamer headed up the resistance. Many acted but it took one man to get them to their feet. This is the power of one!

One person who says that he/she will not submit serves as a catalyst for others to take a stand. Courage inspires. My hat goes off to all those who perform such acts of bravery.

On the Canadian scene, we see people like Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner, both of whom stand as examples to all of us. They refuse to submit to government-legislated bubble zones around the “Killing Fields” that are abortion clinics. In the Cambodian “Killing Fields” more than a million citizens were killed by the Khmer Rouge. In The Canadian “Killing Fields”, approximately four million Canadians have died with the approval and support of our government. These two ladies have taken their stand to end the slaughter.

Bill Whatcott is another man who refuses to submit to terror. He’s willing to stand alone if necessary and he walks into arenas that the rest of us tend to avoid. He’s been convicted on false charges of hate crimes, simply for speaking the truth. He’s been ordered to pay restitution; he’s been ordered to give the courts the names of his fellow protesters so they can be charged as well, but… this one man will not submit.

We have many, many “flavourless” politicians who will say that they are personally pro-life, but they don’t want to force their morality on others. Really? Are these people anywhere near the calibre of those who actually do take a stand — those who put themselves between the violent offender and the victim? Those who seek to lead us too often want to lead without stepping out and being the person who starts the action. Huddled together with others who are too scared to lift their heads, they offer their drivel to those who will listen because many people really hope these would-be-leaders are the heroes who will lead the way.

We’ve just faced an election where many flavourless candidates huddled down and offered no hope for the victims of abortion; no protection for conscience legislation; no defence for our Charter rights of freedom of belief, speech and the press.

What change will they produce by their cowardice? How will their milque-toast attitude protect the women who are increasingly victimized by the presence of males in their washrooms, change rooms, showers, and shelters? What positive change can they effect as they turn a blind eye to the slaughter of the innocents? Will they stand up to protect the conscience rights of our medical professionals who are being ordered to take the very lives they were sworn to preserve?

During the recent election, 51 Canadian candidates stood firm and refused to be cowed. Some faced threats, intimidation, or other forms of bullying often directed at those who take a ‘politically incorrect’ stand. But they stood firm! My hat goes off to each one of them. They were willing to stand alone if necessary and in doing so they earned the right to lead.

Like Lukasz, and Todd Beamer they were the first ones in. They made the stand willing to take the result. Like Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner, they were willing to take the consequences of standing for what they believed in. Wagner and Gibbons have spent a combined total of more than 15 years in prison for their stand on abortion. Like Whatcott, they were willing to face down the powerful bullying of the left to ensure that traditional values were offered to the electorate. What a shame that Canadian voters chose to pick those cowering before the bullies of the political left rather than choose those who offered the traditional values that established our freedoms — the freedoms that now need our protection.

There will be another election, God willing, and CHP candidates will again stand. But, what about you? Will you stand with us as a first responder? Or will you wait until others have made the CHP a “viable party to vote for”? Unless others act first, will you just accept the jackboots on your neck and watch our freedom and equality become sweet memories of the past?

We offer our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and our prayers for a speedy recovery to the victims of terror.

Let us turn and face those who espouse ideologies that create an environment of fear and tell them that we will not accept their bullying.

Join CHP Canada now. You too can make a statement!

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