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The Nonsense We Live With

Tue, September 12, 2023   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 30    Issue 37 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

A lot has been said over the past years about the dire condition our country is in. Some of us feel like Canada is on the verge of collapse as a free nation. Others cheer when consciences are seared and time-tested moral restraints are removed.

So much depends on our understanding of what a free society is. Is a free society a society without rules, each person doing what is right in his or her own eyes? Or is it a society of people who have a common belief structure such as our Christian heritage, which encompasses all of our God-given freedoms?

Many people think freedom is the lack of any laws or restraints . . . but what would be the end result of that? I may think that it’s wrong to kill people but a serial killer must think that it’s okay. Are we both correct? What about the rights of the people who are killed? Is the freedom of the serial killer to kill greater than the freedom of the other person’s right to life? If that is the case, surely we are all to be pitied as potential victims of the serial killer’s so-called ‘freedom.’

If the right to life is greater than the right of the serial killer to kill, then where does that right to life begin and end? Some say the right to life begins at birth . . . but we believe human life begins at conception or fertilization and that the right to life begins when life begins. There is life in the womb and it is human life. The day of a child’s birth is only the day when that already-living human child comes forth from the protection of the mother’s womb and is first seen by its parents.

The legal nonsense of a change from “no being” into a “human being” by moving the last few inches down the birth canal is a prime example of the nonsense our laws have become.

CHP Canada has been fighting for the protection of the unborn since our inception as a party. Because we believe that laws based only on human opinion are no laws at all; we believe that children should be protected from conception to natural death. As with all laws, the innocent must be protected.

A country without laws cannot protect any of the rights or freedoms of its citizens. Where there is no rule of law, there can be no true freedom.

When Canada was founded in 1867, rights and freedoms were part of a heritage that had been passed from generation to generation, a Christian heritage. Our founders recognized the difference between freedom and tyranny and they chose freedom. The freedom to do what’s right.

Today, we find ourselves confused by a lack of laws that are clearly understood and agreed upon by all, based on a shared culture and world view. Laws are now made up to deal with individual cases rather than laws that reflect what is best for all Canadians.

Our Prime Minister seeks greater state control of children, by calling parents “cruel” toward their children. He has enacted laws, such as C-4, which made it illegal for parents to direct their own child’s sexual development. Parents cannot ask, under this law, for help from medical or spiritual advisors in matters pertaining to irreversible choices their minor child may be making. Parents are told they must stand back and watch aggressive sexual activists target and proselytize children. Many in the teaching profession have succumbed to the lure of omniscience and fought to block parents from guiding their own children.

We have some brave Premiers in Canada who have begun to acknowledge that parents ought to have a say in discussions involving their children. Our Prime Minister says of these Premiers, “Far-right political actors are trying to outdo themselves with the types of cruelty and isolation they can inflict on these already vulnerable people.”

Really? Parents who refuse to abdicate to the state their responsibility to raise their own children inflict “cruelty and isolation” on them? Those Premiers seeking to protect parents’ rights are inflicting “cruelty and isolation” on children? To prevent parental cruelty, (the PM believes) parents must be stripped of their parental authority and the state must be granted full authority to indoctrinate children into detrimental lifestyles.

How could any people believe that they have a right to subvert parental authority and to steal children away from their parents? How could they believe they have a right to indoctrinate children . . . against the wishes of their parents?

We must have one standard of right and truth as the foundation of our laws. We were created by a loving Creator who knew what was best and gave us both our freedoms and our responsibilities.

Our freedoms . . . and our rights can only be maintained when we stay within the boundaries set out by our Creator.

It’s time for Canadians to look to our heritage; look to our foundation; look to our God-given rights and responsibilities; and put an end to the capricious laws that have sprung up since our rights were placed under the purview of the Supreme Court of Canada rather than our God and Creator.

All other political parties seek to build security on the quicksands of human opinion. CHP Canada will return this country to its solid, unchanging foundation.

Join today and together we can rebuild our country “glorious and free.”

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