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The Election and the Consequences

Tue, October 22, 2019   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 26    Issue 42 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

The voters have voted. Justin Trudeau will return to Parliament as Prime Minister, albeit with a minority government. But why?

Many voters in this election felt that there was no main issue to motivate them, no main leader to inspire them, no new ideas worthy of true debate. Of course, there actually were issues that should have motivated more people more strongly (the continued killing of the pre-born, for one) and there are smaller parties that have inspirational leaders and new ideas — CHP, for instance. But for all practical purposes, those parties, those leaders and those ideas were ignored by the national media.

Canadians need to demand that the platforms of the smaller parties receive more attention in future campaigns, especially from the CBC whose job it is to tell Canadians what their fellow Canadians are up to. Yes, there was one mention of the CHP, and no, it was not negative, but it was late in the campaign and mixed in with other small parties.

But apart from the lack of interest and issues, this campaign was a nail-biter in terms of the polls and the closeness of the parties going in — and the consequences of various scenarios. These remain to be seen…

At the time of this writing, the Conservatives are leading in the percentage of the popular vote overall, but are well behind in the number of seats (but still up from their 2015 total).

The Liberals could not have done better in Atlantic Canada than they did in 2015 — they could not have beaten their 100%, and they did not repeat it. But they still have a strong majority in that region. What kind of mischief would it take for some Canadians to drop this scandal-plagued party?

There is also a more worrying trend; that of regional alienation and separation. The separatist Bloc Quebecois are resurgent, up from their previous 10 seats to over 30! But while Alberta and Saskatchewan do not have a separatist party, these two provinces might be the most discontent with a possible Liberal-NDP coalition, be it official or not. Their reaction will be telling.

The next few years of Parliament might be tough for Canadian unity, especially if regional rifts deepen, a scenario that the Liberals seem unconcerned about at best, and of which they have sometimes been the cause.

With the prospect of a minority parliament, we must also be on our guard for an election in less than four years. This could be an opportunity for Canadians to see the bigger parties for what they are — power-hungry at all costs — and become interested in alternatives. In the meantime, we need to keep building the CHP for the next election.

As we have heard and seen before, there were many Canadians who did not know about CHP before the election and were happy to find that there was and is a party with a platform that they could agree with! But then some found that they did not have a CHP candidate in their area and were disappointed. Now is the time to begin looking for more strong candidates for next time…

We don’t know how many Canadians did choose to support their local CHP candidate yet, but we have heard from many who were excited to be able to vote CHP — some for the first time!

With our roster of 51 candidates from Newfoundland to BC and every province in between, CHP did reach some new milestones: we had more candidates than ever in Alberta, we had a significant number of younger candidates, and over half of Manitoba was able to vote CHP!

Also, more than a third of CHP’s candidates were women and were able to counter the false narratives regarding women being pro-abortion. These are all steps in the right direction — and it is better to go in the right direction, however slowly, than in any other direction!

So take courage: while Canada’s political situation in terms of voters’ choices seems to be going downhill, Canada is still in God’s hands. May God strengthen our hands as we continue to work for our country, promoting its best interests, whether we are acknowledged for it or not. In God’s time, we will reap the reward of our efforts — if we do not lose heart!

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