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The Economic Cost of Moral Anarchy

Tue, September 19, 2023   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 30    Issue 38 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

This article is an excerpt from a Press Conference given by CHP Leader Rod Taylor at the Ottawa Press Gallery September 15, 2023

The Christian Heritage Party has long been known for our commitment to the protection of innocent human life from conception until natural death, a position we still hold . . . and on this position we stand alone.

However, our many policies on economic and other issues are not as well known. We believe they are also critical to the growth and stability of Canada, and in fact, that they are inextricably entwined with issues of morality and social values.

Those citizens who—like us—acknowledge the Creator and recognize His supremacy in all things, understand that we must seek His blessing and His guidance in all that we do. We understand that His moral code—much of which has been entrenched in our founding documents and in legislation passed at all levels of government—carries with it a promise of blessing for those who obey it and judgment for those who despise its precepts. We in the CHP believe this has relevance in the areas of economics, health, productivity and security.

I want to offer some practical applications of this perspective . . . because our God is a very practical God. We desire to see His blessing on Canada, on our homes and businesses, on our cities and farms, on our international reputation, on our justice system, on our schools and on the generations yet to be born. As the scriptures say, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

But today, Canada is deeply in debt. The federal government owes about $1.2 Trillion. A trillion is a thousand billion and a billion is a thousand million. Our current government is adding to that debt at the rate of $109 million per day. And what is that debt costing? $120 million every single day in INTEREST ALONE.

I’m sure every politician in the country could think of a better use of $120 million per day than to pay it to the international banksters. But very few of those politicians have had the courage or the fiscal discipline to cut wasteful spending in order to achieve a balanced budget . . . because that’s what it takes. Instead, they use borrowed money to promise programs and entitlements, the cost of which exceeds the amount that can be raised by taxes. Those costs and the costs of debt servicing that follow are a hidden burden on future generations who will have neither benefited directly from the expenditures nor had a voice in approving them. In this way, deficit spending is theft from the generations yet to be born.

Another consequence of deficit spending is that it devalues our currency by expanding the money supply. Inflation is recognized by rising prices; but one of the main reasons for those price hikes is the devalued dollar. Citizens not only have increased taxes, but they must pay them out of a paycheque that is now stretched perilously thin by the price of groceries, heating fuel, transportation and lodging. Wasteful government spending has led directly to these higher prices.

We in the Christian Heritage Party have long had a policy of mandatory balanced budgets. It’s good to hear other parties beginning to use that phrase, but both Liberals and Conservatives—when in power—have used the power of the purse to remain in power. In other words, they have used taxpayers’ money and borrowed money to buy votes.

While the current government has set a new record for irresponsible and reckless spending, doubling the federal debt in just 8 years, the previous Conservative government of Mr. Harper—while promising during successive election periods to return to balanced budgets—added nearly $150 billion to the national debt.

Our failure to rein in deficit spending has led to a situation where we are now borrowing to pay the interest on our existing debt. If we continue down this path, this failure will eventually lead to bankruptcy and collapse.

The shedding of innocent blood in abortion clinics also has some very direct economic costs. Since 1970, Canada has killed over 4 million pre-born babies. At a current rate generally estimated at about 100,000 per year, that is the equivalent of about 4,000 classrooms of children lost every year. That would mean the loss of 4,000 teacher jobs per year. It also represents an annual loss of sales income for food, clothing, toys, books, bicycles, etc. That number also represents the loss of 4 million Canadian workers who would today be building houses, programming computers, performing surgery and growing crops.

There are also some very real predictable outcomes when we violate God’s laws. It appears that Canada may already be under judgment for the shedding of innocent blood. Who’s to say that fires, floods, droughts, pandemics, economic downturns, increased crime, poor crops and a falling dollar are not warnings to us to repent of our national sins and rededicate our nation to the Lord? His command, “Thou shalt not kill,” is not a suggestion. It is an eternal law, written in our hearts, even if politicians and judges have ignored it in written legislation.

Only if we return to a respectful and God-honouring society can we hope to receive the blessings of productive crops, safe streets, economic stability, justice in our courts, flourishing communities and peaceful homes. This transition cannot be accomplished by politics alone, by economic measures or by government edicts. This transformation can only come when the citizens of this nation, including politicians, judges, doctors, police officers, students and teachers acknowledge our failures and seek the forgiveness and favour of Almighty God.

For this great transformation and renewal . . . we in the Christian Heritage Party work, hope and pray.

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