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Six Steps to a Better Canada

Tue, May 30, 2023   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 30    Issue 22 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

There are many public policy issues in Canada that MUST be urgently addressed. Three form the permanent campaign strategy of the CHP: Life, Family and Freedom.

The sanctity of human life has been at the core of CHP policy since the Party’s inception. Life—at both ends of the age spectrum—will remain a primary issue until the nation returns to a recognition of the value of God’s image bearers.

At the core of the Freedom (Liberty) issue are twin rights: freedom of speech and the right to the fruits of one’s labour: the right to own and enjoy property.

And as always, we are committed to work to strengthen the normal, married two-parent family. That means we MUST stop teaching children, who are our nation’s future, lies that claim that bizarre and irresponsible sexual behaviour is equal or superior to normal family formation. Adults may be allowed to behave irresponsibly, but they are not entitled to teach lies to our children.

But there are other issues before us that urgently demand action. I’m going to elaborate on three:

  • The campaign by global fascists to collapse the economic system that has freed more people from poverty and serfdom than any other.
  • The decay of the justice system by the advocates of expanded rights for criminals.
  • The decay of democracy under the advocates of socialism, fascism and oligarchy.

Banks and international financiers have long since wrested control of money creation away from the representatives of the people. In the course of doing so, they have suborned the very processes of democracy, converting our elections into a corrupt marketing scheme that gives us “the best government that money can buy;” and believe me, western governments have been turned into a commodity that can be and is bought!

We must work to restore democracy! A first step would be term limits, to replace career politicians with public servants who would serve a term or two, then go home to live under the legislation they had passed.

But we also need to reform the “deep state”—the permanent corps of civil servants who remain in office after the elected politicians have come and gone. There needs to be an automatic review of such senior appointments after every election. Corruption and bad policies tend to become entrenched.

In addition, we absolutely must return the power of creating money and credit to governments, as representatives of the people who produce things of value; and we must remove the power to create money out of thin air from financial institutions that create money as debt, to pump exorbitant bonuses into the pockets of currency traders and bank executives.

At least half of the new money put into circulation each year should be issued by the Bank of Canada as interest-free loans to provinces, municipalities, plus local elected authorities and First Nations’ band councils for infrastructure projects: roads, highways, bridges, parks, air- and sea-ports, water and sewage treatment plants, schools, recreation centres, theatres, museums and concert-halls, etc.

The construction of those much-needed projects would greatly increase the revenues of those local authorities—the ones who know best what is needed, and are responsible to local populations—which would enable them to repay the interest-free loans; the money could then be retired by the Bank of Canada, or recycled into other infrastructure projects, thus preventing any inflationary impact, which is normally the result of too much money chasing after limited production of goods.

In the meantime, our justice system needs to be restructured to stand on two pillars: public safety and restitution.

It makes no sense to have non-violent criminals languishing in jails, while their victims suffer loss from their depredations! Non-violent criminals should be put to work, earning money with which to compensate their victims. Restitution should be a primary goal of the penal system; it would have a far more salutary effect than either punishment, or living an idle life at taxpayers’ expense!

Violent criminals, on the other hand, should be kept in prison for public safety, and subjected to psychiatric therapy to try to cure them of sociopathic tendencies. And they, too, should be made to work, to offset the cost of their care and keeping.

There you have it: six goals to build a better Canada:

  • Protect Life
  • Defend Freedom (speech, conscience, the right to own private property, and faith)
  • Strengthen Families
  • Strengthen Democracy
  • Implement Monetary Reform
  • Legislate Criminal Justice Reform

Your CHP remains committed to these goals. To put such policies into effect, we need your membership and your support. Contact CHP today; call toll-free to 1-888-VOTE CHP.

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