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Silencing the Opposition: the Harbinger of Tyranny

Tue, August 30, 2016   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 23    Issue 30 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

Tyranny comes softly at first. Like any trap, the key element is surprise . . . the unexpected. If every enemy of democracy, civilization, and healthy societies could be clearly identified and understood, citizens would likely rise up and confront the threats. However, when evil masquerades as good and foolishness is disguised as prudence, a population may be lulled into a false sense of security or even enlisted as willing partners in programs destructive to their well-being.

So it is in our day as social evils are portrayed as desirable outcomes. To keep the illusion going, it is necessary to mislead the public. Both Stalin and Hitler referred to the gullibility of the public, saying things like, “A big lie is easier to believe than a small one,” and, “a lie, repeated often enough becomes accepted as the truth.”

The problem for aspiring tyrants is that people may stumble onto the truth and reject the lies. That is why dictators try to ban sources of truth. That is why when rebels take over a country, they often take over the media first, then the schools. They ban books, prohibit gatherings of those with whom they disagree and do whatever they can to discredit or malign their opponents.

In a free society, we place much value on the free exchange of information and opinions. In a closed society, a premium is placed on controlling information, distorting it when convenient and eliminating access to the truth.

There are many examples of this principle at work today. A narrow focus on “hate speech” and “bullying”—played over and over by media and government agencies has created an atmosphere of mistrust. Vague insinuations that certain groups trying to raise awareness of issues may be violating the ill-defined rules of engagement have cast a shadow of suspicion on the statements made by various groups representing pro-life, pro-traditional marriage views. The threat of lawsuits and jail time has already silenced many. We must not let it silence us.

A couple of recent examples come to mind. In Whitby, Ontario, Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes is sponsoring an e-petition calling on Parliament to ban images of the victims of abortion. The images, of course, are terrible to look at. They show what abortion really does. This makes Planned Parenthood look bad. Ms. Cesar-Chavannes and other defenders of abortion-on-demand don’t want people thinking about the suffering of the pre-born or the tragedy of their being killed. They want people to think happy thoughts about “choice” and “empowerment.”

In Ontario and BC, provincial governments have drawn the curtain on statistics relating to abortion procedures. Taxpaying citizens are not permitted access to the numbers of abortions, the statistical causes, the negative health outcomes, or the cost to provincial coffers. It is censorship and that of the worst kind. They do not censor pornography or lewd displays during the so-called “pride” parades. They only censor important health statistics relevant to their favourite cause: abortion-on-demand.

Another example is the recent action by the City of Hamilton to remove three bus shelter ads sponsored by CHP Hamilton Mountain. These ads show a man entering a door marked “Ladies Showers” and pose the question, “Competing Human Rights—Where’s the Justice?” It appears that some at the City do not want people questioning public policy, which is public information and thus subject to public scrutiny. There is something very wrong when any public policy is sheltered from public scrutiny.

When Hitler invaded Poland, he immediately took over the radio stations and began controlling the message. Russia did the same when it was their turn. We Canadians must take steps to ensure that our elected governments—federal, provincial, and municipal do not succeed in their attempts to ban truthful distribution of information and the images that can change hearts and minds.

Honest people will admit that it was the gruesome photos of napalm victims that shifted public opinion during the Vietnam War. It was photos of black people being hit with billy-clubs and fire hoses and bitten by vicious police dogs that shifted public opinion about the treatment of negroes in the US. Ugly photos of blackened and diseased lungs on cigarette packs have reduced the glamour and appeal of smoking.

We must demand that our governments commit themselves once again to freedom of the press and freedom of the airwaves. Otherwise we will wear our chains in shame.

The Christian Heritage Party affirms “that no state has the authority to abrogate basic God-given human rights.” Join CHP Canada and let your voice be heard defending our heritage of freedoms.

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