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Scheer Sides with Politically-Correct Censors

Tue, June 18, 2019   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 26    Issue 24 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

If politics were all about winning, then one could dismiss Andrew Scheer’s recent actions as strategic moves to win support at the polls. Of course, when politicians do and say things they know are wrong in order to win votes, they reinforce the perception that politics is a crooked business. When, politicians pander to a particular voting bloc and give mixed messages because they are afraid the truth might cost them some votes, the result is a loss of respect from friend and foe alike. Today, the leader of the opposition has exposed his own lack of moral character by pandering to expedience rather than honour.

What are the recent moves to which I refer? First, in a knee-jerk defensive reaction to criticism from Liberal and NDP members of the Justice Committee, Scheer removed MP Michael Cooper from that committee after publicly stating that Michael’s comments during proceedings were “inappropriate” —never a nice way to treat your own caucus MP who is simply trying to do his or her job! It was a pretty dramatic response to a bit of predictable left-wing name-calling. Mr. Cooper, for his part, had merely been pointing out the unfairness of conflating small-c conservatism with hatred, the type that led to the mass shooting by a deranged individual in a New Zealand mosque. For his efforts to defend—fairly and logically—the values of conservative thinkers, including some members of the Conservative Party, Mr. Cooper was brusquely removed from the Committee. So much for Scheer defending an right to free speech.

Secondly, Mr. Scheer (the Leader of the Opposition) through his MP, Stephanie Kusie, called on Minister Gould to move “harder and faster” on the social media censorship file. While we all have concerns about excesses on Facebook and Twitter, the idea of a left-wing government censor telling the social media giants which conservative writers and organizations should be censored is nothing less than horrific.

Thirdly, Mr. Scheer has also been slow to respond to Justin Trudeau’s efforts to revive Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. His silence can itself be seen as an act of support for this dangerous and misguided attempt by the Trudeau Liberals to restrict the rights of law-abiding Canadian citizens to speak out freely on any number of government policies and social issues, such as gender identity politics, the radical Islamist promotion of Shariah law and government policies on immigration, refugees and open borders.

The person ostensibly leading the Trudeau-backed efforts to reinstate Section 13 into the Canadian Human Rights Act is Karina Gould, Minister of Democratic Institutions. That section was removed by the Conservatives during PM Stephen Harper’s term, because of the stifling of freedom of speech it created. But it appears that the Liberals and some Conservative MPs want to see it back. At least it seems that way from the soft approach taken by their ‘conservative’ leader.

Shocking in the extreme was the Justice Committee decision to expunge from the record the remarks made by MP Michael Cooper, which included the name and manifesto of the Christchurch New Zealand shooter. To change the record of the proceedings rings a bit too much of 1984, George Orwell’s novel with its Ministry of Truth and the constant rewriting of history. To make matters worse, Conservative MPs abstained from a vote that allowed their Liberal counterparts on the Justice Committee to turn off the video cameras when free speech advocates Mark Steyn, Lindsay Shepherd and John Robson were speaking regarding free speech and censorship. Apparently, this action was suggested by homosexual activist MP Randall Garrison. According to a media report by RebelMedia, Conservative MPs were urged to accommodate this decision by none other than Andrew Scheer.

This fourth example has to make our skin crawl as we see the overt removal of information pertinent to issues that Canadians face. Mr. Scheer has come under increasing scrutiny by conservative thinkers and writers of late because of his seeming reticence to be identified with any socially-conservative values. He repeatedly assures CBC interviewers that he and his party will “not re-open the debates on abortion or same-sex marriage”. Reluctance to introduce legislation is one thing but making it difficult for his own caucus members to speak up on issues is another level entirely. In this video, RebelMedia’s central figure, Ezra Levant, challenges Andrew Scheer to rise to the occasion and to fight this effort to reinstate Section 13 (the hated Hate Crime section) and to back his own MPs when they exercise their God-given right to free speech. Ezra has also created a petition, directed not to Parliament but to the Leader of the Opposition, asking him to take a stand. We urge our members to sign that petition here.

To take a courageous stand with a party that will always defend your freedom to speak the truth in Canada, join CHP. If you want to champion these truths publicly in General Election 2019 as a CHP candidate, contact us and tell us where you live and how you can help.

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