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Pro-aborts Fume Over “Dead Baby” Pics

Tue, June 09, 2015   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 22    Issue 23 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

If it weren’t so serious, it might have been amusing to watch abortion advocates last week, trying to find some legitimate reason to object to a joint project exposing the grisly truth of abortion: dead babies.

Campaign Life Coalition and the Centre for Bioethical Reform combined forces to create flyers in preparation for October’s election; they want to let voters know which politicians are in favour of baby-killing. But the pro-abortion lobby in Canada dislikes the use of pictures of actual aborted babies; in desperate denial, they question whether the unretouched photos are “accurate.”

Picky, picky! An aborted baby is a baby that used to be alive and healthy, until someone killed it. Period. Once conceived, the baby is there—and it will emerge from the womb, either alive or dead. There are no other options.

The real question is whether that baby has, as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms so clearly declares that “everyone” has, the right to life.

And voters have a right to know who supports that right.

Clearly, Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair head the CCBR’s and CLC’s list of those who would deny that right. Both have declared, by leadership fiat, that all Liberal and NDP candidates must endorse baby-killing. No debate. No discussion.

Okay, we knew that. But there are also Conservatives who refuse to allow Parliament to even discuss abortion—even though opinion polls consistently indicate that about 70% of Canadians favour some legal restriction on abortion.

One of those debate-restricting Tories, alas, is the Prime Minister; and he has had the power to impede the efforts of the handful of MPs in his caucus who have courageously attempted to raise the issue.

Conservatives who favour restricting abortion in any degree are typically relegated to languish on the back benches. Pro-lifer Jason Kenney has been the exception to this rule. But such worthies as Maurice Vellacott, Rod Bruinooge, Mark Warawa, James Lunney, and others, in spite of their intelligent and well-thought-out defence of human life and Christian values, never really had any chance at the front benches—because they are pro-life and refused to bow to pressure from the PMO.

MP Lunney, in fact, left the Conservative caucus at the end of March, asserting on his blog that party politics in Canada has become “hostile to a Christian world-view.” Mr. Lunney has since become Parliament’s most ardent and articulate defender of religious freedom, including the freedom to hold biblical views regarding creation and Intelligent Design. He nobly says that he chose to sit as an independent “to avoid drawing the Conservative Party into the debate.” But he has also said that he does not intend to seek re-election this fall. We hope he changes his mind; Canada needs men like him.

Stephen Woodworth, a Conservative MP from Kitchener, ON, introduced a private member’s motion in 2012, seeking a parliamentary committee to study the Criminal Code definition of when human life begins. It was defeated 203 to 91: party whips told MPs that their status as candidates in the next election could be cancelled by their leaders if they supported Woodworth’s motion. He had pointed out that the current law in Canada, which says human life only begins after a child has fully emerged from the mother’s birth canal and drawn a breath, is based on a 400-year-old definition imported from Britain.

In April of this year, Woodworth asked for unanimous House consent to hold a vote on a motion that would, if passed, have affirmed that every Canadian law “must be interpreted in a manner that recognizes in law the equal worth and dignity of everyone who is in fact a human being.” Unanimous consent was denied, of course. Same intra-party muscle.

In the three big political parties—the ones that get all the media attention, and exclusively divide about $30 million of taxpayers’ money among themselves each year—pro-life MPs simply cannot break through the ceiling that restricts their political careers; and so most eventually leave politics.

There is, however, one federal political party that believes, and has declared for 28 years, that the “right to life”—which is already in Canada’s Constitution as part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms—applies to every human being. That party is CHP Canada.

You can learn more about it at Check it out before the election this Fall; you may be pleasantly surprised to know that you have another option. And if enough Canadians choose that option, we can collectively repent of the innocent blood that stains this nation’s soil; and God just might relent from the judgement we deserve.

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