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Polls, Predictions, Pundits, and Finally…. Results

Tue, October 20, 2015   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 22    Issue 42 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

It was a bad night for the NDP; a worse night for the Conservatives; and mediocre for the Greens.

What about the CHP?

For months, even years, our campaign teams have been focused on October 19th; it has come and gone. Starting today, we will look at what we did. We will evaluate the different methods we chose to get our message out. We will look at where we could have done better and where we must simply trust in God’s providence to open doors.

Our CHP candidates worked hard to get on the ballot, and many campaigned hard for every vote. As National Campaign Chair, I salute each one. I wish that I could have done more to help each candidate reach more Canadians. We reached out further this election by taking advantage of online advertising, some telephone campaigning, and radio advertising, but there is always more that could have been done.

It was bittersweet to get calls from concerned citizens in the last few days of the campaign wondering if they had a CHP candidate in their area, and hoping they did. When the answer was no, there was always the question of what to do, who to vote for. People are still looking for something better than what the big parties are offering, and when they find us, they want to vote for us.

We did not win any seats. Canadians had an opportunity to vote for good candidates, and many did vote for CHP out of a desire to do what is right — and left the outcome to God. That is what we have to do now, and it is hard. It is hard because we can see that the change in our political landscape is very bad. Some pro-life Conservatives lost their seats (not because of vote-splitting on CHP’s part). Other Conservatives, who were known to be Christians, were not elected (though some were) and CHP candidates did not get significantly higher vote percentages than in previous elections.

What went wrong for Canada on Monday night? Was it simply a tactical error on the Conservatives part to have such a long campaign? Was it an error in strategy over attack ads and “messaging”? Was it a miscalculation over the effects of an increased number of seats in Parliament? No. Pundits and strategists will probably look endlessly at these details, but we have to look deeper and see that this election is a reflection of the wishes of the people. Prime Minister Harper, in his concession speech, said that the people are never wrong; it may be a polite sentiment, but it is not true. The people of Canada are wrong. Canadians have been wrong for a long time and will continue to be wrong as long as they deny the reality and truth of God’s law in relation to our country’s laws. We had a “conservative” government that was not socially conservative because Canada is not socially conservative, and now we have a truly liberal government because our society is liberal.

The good news is that the Christian Heritage Party has four years to plan without the threat of an imminent election. The bad news is that Canada might not be recognizable as a once-Christian nation by then. CHP Canada has much work to do before the next election.

Our country voted out a government that refused to protect the lives of Canadian image bearers of God, at either end of the age spectrum. There were other faults as well — mortgaging future generations at a scandalous rate, failing to provide adequate services for our Canadian veterans, and refusing to be honest on the senate scandal — but their failure to protect life will stand as their most serious fault.

We elected a government that will make matters worse for the unborn, and other vulnerable citizens, if that is possible. They will open our borders to erase Canada’s Christian heritage (How many churches did Mr. Trudeau visit compared to the number of Mosques he visited?). It is a government that is committed to impoverishing Canadian’s through increasing taxes (such as the “Carbon Tax” and continuing to run a deficit). It is a government that will not fight terrorism in the regions from which it comes, but will allow terrorists to come to Canada. Then we will have to fight them as they radicalize our youth, blow-up our buildings, and kill our citizens. Yet, their most serious fault is their unwillingness to protect God-given human life in the womb.

One of our CHP candidates pointed out that we are to pray for our government — and during an election, everyone is the government. This ‘government of the many’ chose a smaller number of people to govern them, and this group (the Liberals) will in turn govern us.

This time in our history, perhaps like no other, should drive us to prayer. Politically, there is little we can do for the next four years except build, through increased membership, as Christians are increasingly polarized from our Canadian world view. We need to be ready to battle in a new battleground next time; a battleground that will have us at increasing odds with our fellow Canadians. Our Christian world view, our Christian heritage, has been eroded and will continue that erosion under our new government.

We are powerless, but we serve a God who is all-powerful. I don’t know about you, but I needed to be reminded of that.

Today, we will reflect and rest from this campaign, but tomorrow we must be back on the battlefield.

Have you delayed joining the Christian Heritage Party because you thought the Conservative Party would change? Now is the time for sober reflection on God’s principles for government and see that only the CHP has consistently promoted and based our existence on them. Now is the time to take a stand for our God and our country. Join CHP Canada today. Renew your membership today. Commit to monthly support and make a financial investment to ensure that this Christian Heritage Party moves forward to the next election prepared in every way to step on the battlefield again.

Today, we plan for tomorrow!

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