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Politically-Correct Discrimination

Tue, March 26, 2019   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 26    Issue 12 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

Woe unto them that call evil “good”, and good “evil” . . .Isaiah 5:20

The Alberta provincial election is underway and the dirty tricks have begun.

Those who like the direction Alberta has been going for the past four years—the oil and gas industry in tatters, an army of unemployed and under-employed workers, empty storefronts and offices in once-bustling Calgary, the schools steeped in gender-confusion and social conservatives on the ropes—have taken out their magnifying glasses and their buckets of tainted innuendo and have begun to paint their opponents with one very malicious brush.

Already, in the first weeks of the campaign, they’ve been able to bully a couple of UCP candidates off the platform and off the ballot based on the earlier social media posts of these candidates.

In normal times, you’ll hear leftists screaming about “discrimination” and the horrors of ideological litmus tests for those seeking public office as they seek to insert their values into government.

Now, they’ve changed tactics. Now, they want to deny legitimate access to the political process to any candidate with whom they disagree. Their friends in the tax-supported media, including the CBC, are only too happy to help, with news stories that belong on the opinion page. They loosely throw around phrases like “discredited” as if they are the sole arbiters of sound judgment.

Much like the raucous (and fortunately, failed) attempts by US Democrats to destroy Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, with false accusations and unjustified personal attacks, New Democrats in Alberta want to delegitimize their political opponents by characterizing their opinions and statements as “hateful, bigoted and narrow”. It is crucial that those who represent traditional moral values stand their ground. In the US, Brett Kavanaugh won and the cause of justice won because the man who appointed him—President Donald Trump—did not flinch, did not waver and did not throw him under the bus. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, he’s a good man to have in your corner in a dirty fight. We need Canadian political leaders who will reject specious accusations and stand by the men and women of faith who have taken a stand on principles.

In Canada, too often, the battles have been lost, not because leftists had better arguments but because those on our side of the issues have not been willing to take the flak in the media, have not been willing to debate critical issues in the House and in the legislatures and have not been willing to clearly state their positions on controversial topics. The end result is candidates, MPs and MLAs who must disguise their convictions in order to retain the support of their party leaders.

Where bold leadership is called for and passionate defence of the truth, too often politicians have succumbed to bullying both from the opposition and from within their own party ranks. In short, getting elected has become a higher priority than promoting public policy that protects human life, respects traditional marriage and biological science, that defends freedom of speech and conscience rights and that seeks to curb wasteful spending. Morality and responsible spending are often joined at the hip. We must protect the pre-born from the abortionist’s knife and from the tax burden imposed by spendthrift governments. And when politicians promise voters things they can’t afford they are crippling pre-born taxpayers with ever-increasing debt and spiralling interests costs.

In Alberta, it is early in the campaign but already, as mentioned above, the UCP has lost two candidates due to bullying from the left. Eva Kiryakos and Caylan Ford have both taken their names off the ballot in response to unjust accusations from those who hate what they stand for. It is nothing new for leftists to characterize as “hate speech” the honest statements of politicians who are concerned about Islamic rape gangs in Europe, Islamic murder and terror in Africa, the proselytizing of youth into alternate lifestyles in our public schools or other topics that the left would like left alone. Other candidates have been harassed as well; it’s too early to tell if they will crumble or, worse yet, if they will be squeezed out by their own party leadership.

The saddest result is when men and women who have spoken out in the past begin to retract their statements or to disavow their convictions. Of course, that is exactly what the bullies want. That’s how Germany became a Nazi dictatorship. That’s how Russia became Stalin’s killing machine, with executions, torture, forced labour and starvation. Good men and women who knew better were bullied, badgered and threatened into silence. It must not happen here.

The Christian Heritage Party is looking for men and women of conviction and principle who will be able to stand against the tide, who will be willing to speak when others are silent and who are willing to sacrifice for the cause of freedom. Join us at!

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