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A Sensible Solution to Supply Management

Newspaper and broadcast commentaries—especially now, during the NAFTA negotiations—make frequent references to Canada’s supply management system, blaming it for Canada’s higher-than-US prices for milk, eggs and poultry, and for being a stumbling block in the NAFTA negotiations. But there’s a solution to the problem...
  • Tue, September 25, 2018
  • Ron Gray
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Are You Worth More Than $2875.00?

​What is your net-worth? Everything that you own — business, house, car, jewelry, electronics, stocks, bonds — has a price, and totalled together, (minus any debts you have) what’s your worth?
  • Tue, September 18, 2018
  • Peter Vogel
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Sweet Jesus Ice Cream

​In our secular society, is God’s name legitimately used as an expression of pleasure over ice cream? Is it any business of the state if someone uses God’s name to promote a brand?
  • Tue, September 11, 2018
  • Vicki Gunn
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Of Pipelines and Trade Wars

The collapse of sanity in Ottawa is becoming painfully clear to everyone except perhaps our myopic Prime Minister and those close to him in his pathetically loyal caucus. The ongoing issues of both the Kinder Morgan pipeline and the fumbled renegotiation of NAFTA demonstrate the ineptitude of our current government.
  • Tue, September 04, 2018
  • Rod Taylor
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Neutrality: Inadequate and Unachievable

​Going nowhere is better than moving in the wrong direction . . . but not much. Moving in the right direction is far preferable. In social matters, neutrality sometimes allows evil to triumph (ie. when “good men do nothing”).
  • Tue, August 28, 2018
  • Peter Vogel
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Canada and the Saudis: Lashings and Tongue-lashings

Nobody likes to have their faults exposed, much less to have a demand made of them that they change their behaviour “immediately.” Some countries are more sensitive than others and react more strongly when annoyed.
  • Tue, August 21, 2018
  • Rod Taylor
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To Err is Human

The standard by which we judge historical figures in Canada has reached new heights. Perfection…nothing less! This year some living Canadians have decided that some former Canadians, with moral flaws, no longer deserve their place in history.
  • Tue, August 14, 2018
  • Vicki Gunn
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Build a Wall or Grow a Spine?

Canada’s borders, even our unprotected border with the USA, are more than lines on the map. They signify Canada’s sovereignty, which includes regulating who may and who may not come into our country.
  • Tue, August 07, 2018
  • Peter Vogel
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Islamist Terror: Closing Our Eyes Doesn’t Make It Go Away

When Faisal Hussain shot 14 people in the Danforth area of Toronto on Sunday, July 22, 2018, the tragedy triggered a now-familiar sequence of statements, denials, and misleading theories from the police, the mainstream media, and government officials.
  • Tue, July 31, 2018
  • Rod Taylor
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NATO and Canada’s National Defence Budget

​Can you imagine North Korea encouraging South Korea to increase its defence spending? Well, yes, actually. Every time it experiments with a new rocket, that would be a significant encouragement for South Korea to bolster its defence spending!
  • Tue, July 17, 2018
  • Peter Vogel
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False Flags and Ferry Fiascoes

Flags mean something and those who fly them ought to know what they mean. Flags flown in battle identify the nations involved, indicate the location of the battlefront and rally the troops to follow the flag bearer into action.
  • Tue, July 10, 2018
  • Rod Taylor
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