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No Free Lunch: Trudeau Buying Votes With Your Grandchildren’s Money

Tue, September 22, 2020   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 27    Issue 38 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

In the old days—not so very long ago—it was common practice to actually buy votes by giving cash to voters in exchange for a promise of support at the polls. The so-called “rotten boroughs” or “pocket boroughs” in England were essentially owned by one man, or his family, and through cash incentives or the pressure imposed by a landlord, voters were persuaded to vote for the people with the money and power. On top of that, voters did not have a secret ballot, so the pressures and inducements could be applied with real consequences.

While electoral reform in the 1800’s introduced the dignity and fairness of secret ballots and made the practice of openly buying votes illegal, it did not change the hearts of men who seek to influence public opinion through the use of money. Now, however, corrupt politicians tend to use other peoples’ money, rather than their own.

Who are the “other people”? It’s those of us who pay taxes, whom aspiring politicians (especially those already in government positions) use as an infinite source of funds.

Take our Prime Minister for example; the promises made during the two most recent federal elections and the murmurings we now hear—ahead of the Throne Speech, slated for September 23—are promises to spend more of your money on things some voters want. In other words, he’s using your money to buy their votes . . . if only that were the worst of it!

The amount of money already spent by the Trudeau government in the past five years, added to the overspending of previous governments (including, unfortunately, the Harper government) has pushed our national operating debt to $877 billion (it will break a trillion by the end of the fiscal year). We are adding nearly one billion dollars every day! In 2020, the PM and his cronies are running a deficit of at least $343 billion and it could go much higher. The government is now spending more than twice as much as it is bringing in, a formula for almost certain economic collapse. Today’s low interest rates cannot last and inflation has already begun.

Unfortunately, even if Mr. Trudeau cut up his taxpayer-backed credit card today and began living within his means, this national debt will not be paid off by the current generation of wage earners. The deeper the hole, the longer it will take to dig out. It is fair to question whether Canada’s dependence on money borrowed from the future will ever end. If we keep on digging, the cost of interest and necessary tax increases, plus the decreased value of the Canadian dollar, will swallow the economic incentives of any new government.

The poison pill that the Trudeau Liberals are forcing us to swallow is found in the campaign promises they have already made and others that they will soon roll out in the Throne Speech this week. They will be offering Canadians more “free money”, which they intend to extract from our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Right now, there are Canadians taking home more money from CERB than they were making before COVID hit. That’s a pretty tough platform to fight against. It’s a pretty tough platform to vote against.

Further, a self-employed individual who managed to earn $1000 of taxable income could not claim the CERB, but would have seen $2000 handed to a neighbour who was not working. Therein lies one major flaw in socialism—who would continue to work when working is penalized and not working is incentivized?

Liberals have been talking about extended benefits, guaranteed annual income, and universal taxpayer-funded childcare; these are all things the socialist NDP has been talking about for years. NDP MPs will be hard-pressed to vote against a Throne Speech that promises to essentially adopt their platform! The carbon-focused energy and environmental policies being proposed by the Liberals will, if they become part of the Throne Speech, cater largely to the Green’s platform (also endorsed by the NDP). In short, the Liberals are making it very difficult for their left-leaning colleagues to vote against it and force an early election. If the government does topple, the Liberals would claim that they alone were willing to help Canadians struggling under the COVID lockdowns. If, however, the NDP (or the Bloc) vote to sustain the government, Mr. Trudeau will claim a mandate to continue with his spending spree. A “Catch 22” if there ever was one. We’ll have more state intrusion, higher taxes, and less freedom.

If we should face a Fall election, those who have reaped the benefits of the CERB payouts may show their gratitude by re-electing the Liberals with a majority. If, however, the Liberals survive a non-confidence vote this year and face a grumpy electorate in 2021, they may not fare so well. Next year, taxes are likely to go up to pay for this year’s overspending. Nobody likes higher taxes. The economy will likely still be struggling, especially if the energy sector is slow to recover. Canadians may come to realize that the budget will never “balance itself” and that the Liberal handouts were nothing more than a blatant vote-buying exercise meant to deceive the public.

The CHP tells it like it is. We know that a nation cannot borrow its way to prosperity. If we want to recover our freedoms and our values, we will have to cut unnecessary spending, re-engage Canadian businesses in the energy sector, cut red tape for families and businesses, and allow Canadians the satisfaction of making their own decisions. Join CHP Canada and help us restore common sense, decency and freedom.

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