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New Year Resolutions

Tue, December 27, 2022   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 29    Issue 52 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Over the years, many folks have promised themselves that they would “turn over a new leaf” on New Years Day. It could be a commitment to quit smoking, to eat better, to get to bed earlier or to exercise regularly. Sometimes they even keep these commitments . . . but often they are forgotten or abandoned.

Most of us already know which habits are “good for us” and which ones we should try to change. I’ve heard it said that, “A good habit, once established, is as hard to break as a bad one.” It’s a comforting thought, but I’m not sure it’s true. Knowing our sinful human nature, it seems to me that bad habits can easily develop if we are not diligent and purposeful in forming good ones. The Bible warns us to guard our hearts against distracting voices that would lead us astray. If we wish to succeed in the spiritual battles that we face, we need to be anchored to the Rock (Jesus) and feeding our soul and spirit daily on the pure and holy Word of God.

As we face 2023, we can already anticipate—based on the news and our own experience—that there will be troubles enough. Debt-driven inflation will take its toll on our ability to purchase the things we want or need. The moral fabric of our nation is in tatters. How can we find the hope and the courage to continue on the narrow path? Again, we can take courage and strengthen our faith by reflecting on the examples of saints who have gone before—righteous men and women, like those listed in Hebrews 11—who overcame obstacles and accomplished great things because they had learned to put their confidence in Almighty God and His promises, rather than in themselves or in any person.

We all know that politicians—however lofty their motives—will sometimes let us down. The CHP was conceived and birthed in 1986 because politicians in other parties had failed to defend life, marriage and family. In the years since then, we’ve seen support in the big established parties for harmful public policies go from bad to worse. Many of our fellow Canadians have seen and lamented the same things but have either been silent or have thrown their support behind the same parties and politicians who have allowed compromise and pragmatism to undermine our society and our nation. This article is for them.

I’m going to suggest a couple of New Year Resolutions for those who have not yet joined the CHP and for those members who may have become discouraged and are considering putting their support behind another party they think more likely to win. It’s wishful thinking on my part; each citizen must become fully convinced in his or her own mind . . . but now is a great time for reflection, for rethinking some of the issues that have concerned us and our responses to them.

So here are some resolutions to consider:

In 2023 and beyond:

  1. I will ask God for wisdom in any political decisions I make.
  2. I will not assume that the mainstream media (CBC, CTV, etc.) are truthful and unbiased. I will instead, evaluate their news coverage, editorials and focus against a biblical standard.
  3. I will not trust opinion polls that are shaping—rather than simply recording—public opinion.
  4. I will maintain my right and responsibility to speak up about the issues of the day . . . even when it seems my view is unpopular.
  5. I will never (like James Dobson once said) vote for any politician who is not 100% pro-life.
  6. I will (as often as I can) encourage my elected representatives to do what’s right. I will thank them for doing good and warn them against participating in evil.
  7. I will avoid pragmatism and moral compromise. I will insist upon politicians and all citizens doing the right thing, for the right reason. I will remember that compromise leads to more compromise and that good intentions do not justify bad behaviour.
  8. I will always vote for the candidate and the party that best represents my biblical and moral values.

Of course, these are only suggestions. We hope that 2023 will be a year, not of “wokeness,” but a year of waking up for many Canadians, especially those who call themselves Christians.

Incidentally, we recognize that resolutions can be made at any time; they don’t depend on New Years Day or any other day. It’s always a good day to ask God to help us apply His moral principles to our lives. However, as we enter another brand new year, we ask God to help us become better citizens and more effective ambassadors of His kingdom.

From our home to yours and from the national board to all our members and supporters, we offer our blessing and prayers that 2023 will be a year of fruitfulness and triumph for each of you!

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