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Multiculturalism: The Bright Dream That Soured In Canada

Tue, November 14, 2023   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 30    Issue 46 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Once upon a time, Canada looked to its immigrants, as well as to native-born Canadians, to help shape its future. Those immigrants came from many places in the world, but primarily from Europe or from Europe’s world-wide empires.

If they came from countries that did not speak English or French, one of the family’s prime objectives was usually for their children to learn one of Canada’s two official languages—and then teach it to their parents.

They came to Canada eager to become Canadians; to live within the Judaeo-Christian biblical culture upon which Canada’s legal, political and educational systems were firmly established.

But that foundation has been rapidly eradicated by ignorance of Canada’s history and culture that has marked the Prime Minister’s Office since the days of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and has continued to erode under his son, Justin Trudeau.

The elder Trudeau was, from his university days, a Marxist who sought power by taking over the Liberal Party of Canada; his son, the present Prime Minister, brought to the highest office in the land only the naïve inexperience of a part-time drama teacher and political dilettante with little or no understanding of or affection for Canada’s history or culture. Indeed, he once famously said that Canada has no culture; on another occasion, he said: “Of course, Quebeckers are better—because they’re Quebeckers.” And he told a Liberal fund-raiser, comprising mostly young women who admired his wavy mane of hair: “I actually have a degree of admiration for China’s essential dictatorship, which enables them to turn the economy on a dime.”

He then went on to recreate that dictatorship in Canada; during the Covid pandemic, he virtually dispensed with Parliament and ruled by decree from the steps of the prime minister’s summer cottage.

During the 2017 provincial election in BC, a ‘woke’ young reporter from the Abbotsford News, interviewing me as CHP candidate, asked: “Abbotsford’s population is now about 50 percent Sikh; how could you, as a Christian, represent them?”

This bright young lad, his political views misshapen by the Trudeau eras, didn’t realize how bigoted his question was.

He would never have turned that question around, and asked a Sikh candidate how he or she could represent non-Sikh citizens. But the answer, both ways, was implicit in the old Canadian view of Canadian culture: members of either faith could represent citizens of other faiths or no faith because they are all Canadians. All Canadians, essentially, want the same things: the opportunity to participate freely in a prosperous economy and raise their families in safe communities.

But the Trudeau version of Canada—a nation with no culture—has soured the core concept of true multiculturalism: that immigrants from other cultures will enrich Canadian culture by adding cuisine, music, art and literature from around the globe; instead, the Liberal reliance on identity politics to undergird their grip on power has resulted in immigrants hiving into enclaves where they can reinforce their native culture, and use it to replace the culture of Western Civilization.

The incursion of ‘woke’ culture within our education system—universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools and even kindergartens—has exacerbated this trend.

Our children are being taught, in schools funded by our tax dollars, to hate Canada.

At one time, I had the honour of leading Canada’s Christian Heritage Party. The largest single group within that Party were immigrants from the Netherlands, where a Christian statesman, Abraham Kuyper, became prime minister at the turn of the 20th century and rescued his nation from the plague of revolutions by injecting common-sensical biblical principles into the government provided by his Anti-Revolution Party. These Dutch immigrants longed to see similar political and educational reforms in Canada. As I travelled across Canada, I soon learned that these immigrants were much more likely than citizens born in Canada to fly a Canadian flag at their homes and farms.

Like them, I long to see a return to the Canada that welcomed people like these from other cultures, who came to this nation to enable their families to enjoy the benefits of an open culture, rooted in eight centuries of Judaeo-Christian liberties.

CHP Canada seeks to restore to us our historic Canadian culture. This culture brought about the greatest freedoms the world has known. Make your stand for what is rightly ours and our children’s. Join today.

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