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Liberal Senate Wants to Spank Parents!

Tue, July 03, 2018   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 25    Issue 27   

Please, don’t call me paranoid but I’m seeing ‘government types’, dictating every move I make. They tell me my moral values are incompatible with government mandated values. They tell me my educational beliefs are incompatible with theirs. With their increasingly intrusive laws, I feel the chill of totalitarianism permeating the atmosphere of my home.

These ‘government types’ seem to be following my grandchildren to school, right into the classroom, where they are indoctrinating them into the state religion. It’s awful to feel that chill of totalitarianism in the classrooms of innocent young children.

The recent Supreme Court ruling crushing Trinity Western University’s law school has now brought the chill of totalitarianism over the legal landscape. They are squeezing out potential lawyers who adhere to Christian values.

Welcome to Canada… 2018. We’ve seen it coming for years and now the jackboots of our government are quashing dissent in every facet of our lives.

Today, the ‘government types’ from Parliament, the federal government, municipal governments, provincial governments, and the Supreme Court of Canada are linking arms with left-leaning media and the education establishment to limit what I can say and what I can do, even how I can raise my children.

Today, the Senate is once again considering removing Section 43 from the Criminal Code. This piece of legislation protects parents’ rights to lovingly discipline their children. Please note that I said “discipline” not abuse. There is a difference and very, very few parents confuse discipline with abuse.

As of June 2018, this odious Bill S-206 had passed second reading and was being studied by the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee.

A petition from Citizens Go has this to say.

Without section 43, any use of force would be automatically construed as assault. This would include the following:

  • picking up and moving a child to another room
  • stopping a child from doing something he wants to do
  • removing toys or objects from a child’s grasp
  • enforcing a time-out
  • stopping a child from leaving his room or leaving his house
  • restraining a child against his will
  • enforcing behaviour with a spank

While this interpretation of the effect of the removal of Section 43 may be carried to the extreme, the fact remains that we have seen many things carried to the ridiculous over the past years. Anyone who has children will know that you don’t need to teach them to be naughty, they have that figured out by the time they are two years old. Then begins the years the parents spend lovingly raising their children to be responsible adults. Most parents recognize that there are responsibilities in life and we are all happier—including our children—when they are raised to become responsible adults.

Society depends on responsible adults paying taxes, which fund our government, our military, protect our borders, support social programs for those who cannot care for themselves, build and maintain roads, services, and hospitals, and raise the next generation to do the same.

Do you remember being sent to the corner as a child? Or perhaps it was time-out? Did you ever tear out into the street only to be grabbed by a parent desperate to save you from being hit by a car? As a teenager, were you ever given the dreaded sentence, “You’re grounded!”?

Can you imagine, a parent unable to discipline (teach) his or her child? “Robby, don’t punch that person … Robby don’t punch that person … Robby don’t punch that person … Robby don’t….” Where’s the incentive, the motivation to obey? Nothing, just a bunch of worn out toothless words.

Look at Robby at age twelve… he’s no longer cute. He is out of control, buzzed out on the marijuana our government will soon allow him to use, and facing the “Youth Justice Act”. Suddenly, the government thinks he should obey the rules, after blocking your every attempt to discipline Robby as a child. So, what’s next for undisciplined Robby? A youth detention centre (jail)? The government now takes ‘Robby’ and puts him in with a bunch of other undisciplined teens where they can learn more bad behaviour from each other.

Move forward a bit more to age 18, and you have an undisciplined, adult criminal whom the government wants to force to obey the law. Little Robby is a grown up, has never been taught to obey, has never been taught self-discipline, has never been taught responsibilities . . . like paying his taxes and obeying the speed limits.

The government may dispassionately claim to seek equal treatment for all citizens… well, equality for some citizens anyway… but they are no substitute for parents. The government did not carry the child in its womb nor give it birth. Parents sacrifice to ensure their children have the best environment and opportunity for success and happiness. A parent lovingly disciplines a child so that child won’t spend his adult years behind bars.

The government is not capable of parental love… it is simply an institution mandated with the job of ensuring civil order; not mandated with dictating to parents how our homes are to be managed.

Our Senate must be sent back to the Senate chambers by the citizens of Canada and told to govern only that which is within their sphere of authority. They are not to invade our living rooms to control the thoughts, words and deeds of parents who are trying hard to raise their children to be responsible adults.

Sign this petition today. It’s time for Canadian families to become involved in fighting for the right to live free from government tyranny.

It’s time to defend our rights, freedoms and responsibilities. Join CHP Canada today.

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