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Is Systemic Discrimination a Problem in Canada?

Tue, October 13, 2020   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 27    Issue 41 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Absolutely, yes! But not for the reasons our divisive Prime Minister thinks. He believes and presses upon Canadians that we are systemically racist; he is preoccupied with “privilege” and “victimhood”. In short, our government seeks to divide Canadians along the lines of race, sex, ethnicity, and more. Any divide is better than no divide!

In this process, our government has taken us from the idea that ALL should be equal under the law to where SOME Canadians are becoming more equal than others, and still other Canadians are equal somewhere in between. There are now multiple levels of equality; an impossible standard. This results in differing laws... laws that protect both of us; laws that protect you; laws that protect him, etc.

Has the law of equality ever been perfectly applied? Doubtful - we are human and suffer with human frailties, but it is the goal... or rather, it was the goal under our historic heritage. The heritage that our Prime Minister claims we don’t have.

Where do we see the blatant forcing of inequalities by our government? So many instances, so little space:

Perhaps you remember the Canada Summer Jobs Program (CSJP). It’s a fund to help provide employment in the summer, particularly to students. The funds go to those organizations that will declare in writing that they do not believe in the sanctity of life or those organizations that will renounce their previous belief in the sanctity of life and sign the declaration. It does not go to those whose mandate requires support for the sanctity of life. Thus we are divided along the lines of those who have freedom of belief and those who don’t. Some Canadian organizations providing the same work opportunities get the CSJP funds and some don’t. It all depends on whether you will affirm government mandated beliefs.

Are you not convinced yet?

Did you know that although President Trump has signed onto the building of an Alaska to Alberta Rail line? However, before we can offer Canadians jobs on this project worth $22 billion, we must have a Gender Based Analysis!

What’s that you ask? According to the Government of Canada, “GBA+ is an analytical process that provides a rigorous method for the assessment of systemic inequalities, as well as a means to assess how diverse groups of women, men, and gender diverse people may experience policies, programs and initiatives”.

What this means is that they’re digging in all the dark corners of the company to see if they’re precisely divided up among all of Canada’s special interest groups.

I’m a woman! I’m not able to play on an even playing field. I’m just not good enough... my government tells me so. But, thankfully, our government tilts the field so that other more qualified candidates are passed over. Our government has condescended to make a job go to a less qualified individual, me. (I do not believe in refusing to hire an equally qualified person for the job on the basis of sex or any other subcategory of person, that’s discrimination.)

Now we are seeing the government suggest the idea that people of different colours are not able to compete on an equal playing field; what was your reaction to hearing that our government was investing an additional $221,000,000 for black entrepreneurs and business owners? If this isn’t systemic racism, I don’t know what is. Red, yellow, white need not apply! Canadians divided along the lines of colour for the funds that the government receives from ALL taxpayers.

Our Prime Minister’s website says, “Every day, Black business owners and entrepreneurs make invaluable contributions to communities across the country, and their success is essential to Canada’s economic recovery and future prosperity”.

What about the red and yellow and white business owners and entrepreneurs? Is their contribution less because of their colour? Clearly, this is racist!

If racism is a crime, then it is a crime no matter who the victim of the racism is. My Prime Minister regularly tells us that we are racist while he breeds division intended to destroy the foundation of our country... our heritage of freedom and equality.

Equality is giving us all equal opportunity and allowing us the freedom to do with it what we will. In any instance where the government chooses the winners and losers and invests in one over the other, or on multiple levels, it’s discriminatory. This is the tyranny of a government drunk on power and pandering to specific groups for their votes. The government needs to get out of the way of Canadians and, rather than smothering or mothering us, let Canadians get busy earning their money to support their families.

Perhaps our trust-fund Prime Minister can afford to turn down work because his bills are paid, but most of us didn’t have a rich granddaddy who provided for the generations to come. We need Mr. Trudeau to get out of our way and allow us all to take advantage of all the opportunities that our resource-rich country provides us.

Without the government sowing division and setting us up against each other, we can get on with living our lives as free citizens of a free country. Move over Mr. Prime Minister, it’s time for a party that acknowledges the freedom and equality that each of us has—if we will only get up and take it.

To move forward with a political party that recognizes equal rights for ALL Canadians and seeks a united country, join CHP Canada today.

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