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Irreplaceable Children and Workers’ Rights

Tue, March 21, 2023   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 30    Issue 12 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

I recently received the latest instalment of taxpayer-funded NDP propaganda from my local Member of Parliament, Taylor Bachrach (Skeena-Bulkley Valley). As one of the perks of office, all MPs are permitted to send out—at no cost to themselves or their party—regular “householder” newsletters to their constituents, theoretically to keep folks informed about what’s going on in the House of Commons. In my electoral district, this bit of mail is printed in NDP colours and is branded with the NDP logo. Did I mention that this partisan messaging—both printing and postage—is paid for by all taxpayers including those who did not vote for the current MP and who do not all share his or her views on important matters?

Mr. Bachrach is not the only MP using taxpayer dollars to promote himself and his party. He just happens to be my MP and to have a philosophy so foreign to my own that I find this practice particularly insulting.

In his most recent missive, one section was entitled “Protecting Workers’ Rights.” The gist of this was that our MP and his NDP colleagues—yes, the same gang who have been propping up the Liberals’ dictatorial regime—want to prevent businesses from hiring “replacement workers” when their regular employees are out on strike. I’m going to avoid going too deep into the weeds on the issues around employment and labour strife. As an aside, in an ideal world, we would all be better off if labour strikes were rare and all issues could be resolved at the bargaining table with little disruption or hostility between employers and employees . . . but that day has not yet arrived.

The point I would like to make is that the NDP and the Liberals they’re backing have been shamelessly pushing the concept of replacement workers for a very long time . . . the very practice they claim to be vigorously opposing.

In the first instance, they have been killing off Canadian babies through abortion for over 50 years and replacing them with foreign-born workers, many entering through our porous borders rather than through the legitimate process we have in place. They claim that we need those workers to run our factories and farms. How can it be better to kill someone and replace that person with an illegal border-crosser who may not share the same cultural heritage or family values as a person born and raised in Canada? The flow of migrants through Roxham Road, some of whom are coming to enjoy Canada’s generous provision of hospitality, services and resources—and all of whom are knowingly circumventing the legitimate process for immigration and citizenship—is a disgrace to a country that claims to care about the safety of its citizens and the sovereignty of its borders.

Had the roughly four million victims of abortion—those killed in Canada since 1969—been allowed to live, Canada would now be benefitting from their skills and labour. But the NDP and their Liberal colleagues think killing future Canadian-born workers and replacing them with foreign workers—even those entering illegally—is a good idea.

In a more recent example, BC’s NDP government has fired—without compensation—thousands of highly-skilled, experienced and hard-working doctors and nurses for refusing to disclose their personal medical information regarding the experimental gene therapy (MRNA “vaccination”) that has now been exposed as being unsafe and ineffective. While some emergency rooms have been closed for lack of staff, Public Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, and BC Premier, David Eby, have refused to re-hire public health workers and intend, instead, to hire foreign doctors and nurses to replace them.

This is worker replacement at its worst. These doctors and nurses—terminated without cause and without compensation—were not on strike. They were working hard to save lives and for the benefit of society. But the hardhearted socialist NDP government of BC would rather bring in workers from other countries than to rehire those who have already proven their skills and work ethic in BC clinics and hospitals. Other government workers have been rehired in BC, but not health care workers. This shows that the government’s stubborn refusal to rehire doctors and nurses is spiteful and not health-related. This is another case of replacing mistreated workers with others who will no doubt receive additional benefits and perks for coming to BC to “save our healthcare system” . . . the same one that the arrogant socialists in Victoria have destroyed.

There is so much wrong with socialist thinking, it’s hard to know where to start. Using taxpayer dollars to push your agenda is just one aspect. Claiming to care about “the little guy” while promoting the killing of the pre-born and the elderly shows the blind hypocrisy of the left. Then they want to turn on the taps for government handouts to select groups while destroying the businesses and economy that make taxpayer funding of anything even possible.

CHP Canada supports workers’ rights to a safe workplace and just compensation for skills and labour. We believe in meaningful and respectful negotiations between employers and employees. We oppose corporate bailouts and believe in the principles of free enterprise without excessive government interference. We believe in the principles of both seniority and merit. The Bible says that “the workman is worthy of his wages.” Another way of saying that is “an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.”

We reject hypocritical pandering to the left and pretensions to virtue. The NDP claims to be concerned about “replacement workers.” What about the children—Canada’s future workers—and what about our health care professionals? They ought not to be replaced with others by government whim. There are however certain politicians who should be replaced at the ballot box, if we are to save our country.

Join CHP Canada and be part of the solution.

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