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I Should Have Known Better… But I Didn’t

Thu, September 19, 2019   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

Last year, when the newspaper article appeared about Trudeau groping Rose Knight, my attention was heightened. The #MeToo movement was causing some men to pay for these behaviours with their careers, even if they occurred in the distant past. While other MPs (like MP Kent Hehr) stepped down from positions, Trudeau saw no need to accept equal treatment for himself. Trudeau was held to a separate standard. A woman’s allegation was minimized so he wouldn’t have to take real responsibility.

In the past 24 hours we’ve again had the opportunity of seeing who Justin Trudeau really is. When the first picture of Trudeau with his skin darkened surfaced, I didn’t pay a great deal of attention. By the second picture, it was becoming apparent that it’s a ‘bit of a thing’ with him. But when the third occurrence became public (this time a video), it showed a pattern of complete disrespect for Canadians (and any person) of colour. Of course, I’m sure at some point a picture of his high school hi-jinx with his skin coloured will be released. He has admitted it happened.

Other people have been hung out to dry for racist behaviour, including Hassan Guillet, who is no longer a Liberal candidate in Montreal due to racist comments. Trudeau, however, has been held to a different standard. “I should have known better… but I didn’t” is his refrain. Poor guy! As a school drama teacher, he didn’t know any better? Really?

Jagmeet Singh, leader of the NDP, gave some great words of encouragement to those who have experienced the pain of racism. “You have value. You have worth. And, you are loved.” That’s the kind of response I would expect from a leader.

But really there’s more than our Prime Minister’s contempt for women and contempt for other races.

Our heritage has always been to protect the weak. Space was set aside for women to have a private area for washrooms and showers. Our Prime Minister sees no need to protect the fairer sex. He supported legislation to allow a man to self identify as transgender and attend a woman’s washrooms and showers…. Male parts and all.

Our women have lost their ability to test their strength and skills against other women in athletic competitions. “This rushed and heedless decision to include biological men, born and built with testosterone, with their height, their strength and aerobic capacity of men, is beyond the sphere of tolerance,” Ana Paula Henkel, an Olympic athlete, wrote. “It represses, embarrasses, humiliates and excludes women.”

We watched women MPs standing up to take the heat on stupid decisions in the past Parliament. We saw Jody Raybould-Wilson and others removed from their positions in cabinet because they opposed the ‘great man himself’. We watched how he handles women… more than just a hand on their back or on their chest as in the picture of him with his darkened skin. We’ve seen that he has adopted the belief that if you say something loud enough and long enough, people will believe you. And so, he declares himself a feminist, denigrates women and other races — because he “didn’t know better at the time”.

This is the legacy of Justin Trudeau. Whether you’re a female athlete or a female victim, a woman in power or someone of a different ethnicity, when all is said and done, you’re a joke to our Prime Minister because — he doesn’t know any better.

It’s time to put an adult in the highest position in our land. It’s time to stop playing with equality ad return to true equality. It’s time to defend and protect our Christian Heritage.

CHP Canada has always stood for the dignity and worth of all people (even those not born yet!). We are calling on Canadians to take a stand for morality in the public square by only voting for candidates who uphold the God-given value of each person regardless of age, size, appearance, ability, or ethnicity.

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