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Hidden Dangers of the Great Reset

Tue, July 18, 2023   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 30    Issue 29 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Two or three decades ago, two themes were emerging in the field of high finance: derivatives and globalization. The late Paul Hellyer wrote about globalization, in his book Stop, Think. The CHP also wrote about derivatives, which we said are merely gambling. Both were right, as events later demonstrated.

The derivative trap was sprung in 2008, when “investment packages” of high-ratio, unsecured NINJA (No Income, No Job Aptitude) mortgages unravelled.

The globalization trap is now unravelling before our eyes, like a slow-motion train wreck; its motto is “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” There’s a sotto voce “Or else!” that follows.

Globalization has been described as “socialism for the big banks; free market competition for everybody else.” It has resulted in the export of most of the well-paying manufacturing jobs from North America and Europe to the Third World—where wages are abysmally low, and safety and environmental standards are virtually non-existent. We can see one effect of this in government plans to force us into electric vehicles, the batteries and chips for which require rare-earth elements that are often mined by children in regions where soil and water are poisoned by the effluent of mining and milling processes. And meanwhile, power engineers know that there is no way we can possibly provide the many megawatts of electricity needed to recharge all those electric car batteries. The drive to replace internal combustion vehicles with electrics is a fools’ mirage.

Furthermore, the drive to lower carbon content in the atmosphere is a bald-faced lie. CO2 is not—repeat NOT—a “pollutant.” It’s plant food. Dr. Jordan Peterson—easily Canada’s (and the world’s) preeminent public intellectual—reports that over the past 15 years, the globe has become 15 percent more green; the supposed ‘global warming’ has actually been good for planet earth! Bjorn Lomborg and Alex Epstein have both written that even if the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is right in forecasting a two-degree rise in global temperatures by the end of this century, collapsing our industrial source of wealth is exactly the wrong solution. We need that wealth to adapt the world to any changes! What’s more, moderately warmer temperatures are beneficial for humans: more people die from cold every year than from heat; and warmer temperatures will result in more food production, not less. Epstein shows that fossil fuels have lifted more people out of poverty and hunger than any other single development!

Today, debate over public issues is handicapped by a deliberate inversion of the meaning of words: today’s ‘Antifa’—short for ‘Anti-fascists’—have become what the ‘brownshirts’ were in the 1930s: the street thugs of the fascists; they are the real fascists of today.

In fact, the globalists—corporate fascists, i.e. government and international finance operating in tandem—are taking control of everything, telling us: “You’ll own nothing. Everything you need will be rented”—from whom? From the globalists, who will soon own everything—“and delivered by drone. And you’ll be happy.” Or else!

But you’ll be denied the three things that everyone needs to be happy: freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, and the right to own property.

Some happiness!

Sometimes it seems the Nazis—remember, that term is a contraction of “national socialists”—and the communists—i.e., global socialists—actually won the Second World War; they somehow convinced us that to defeat those twin evils of totalitarianism, we had to become them!

Globalism has turned into fascism; Mussolini’s definition of “fascism” was “everything within the state, nothing against the state”; it was a partnership of big corporations with the government. But that’s exactly what globalism has turned into: global corporations and “too-big-to fail” banks have pressured governments to bail them out of the consequences of their mismanagement, over and over again. The bill is invariably borne by the taxpayers. And social media and ‘news’ media cancellation has become the punishment meted out to critics of this government/corporate marriage.

Meanwhile, the media, which should be the public’s watchdogs, have become the government’s lapdogs—in Canada, they’re actually on the government payroll! Note that in April, Twitter classified Canada’s CBC as “government-funded media,” just like Tass or Pravda, or the Chinese Communist propaganda mills. CBC objected—of course—claiming journalistic independence. Twitter later removed the label without explanation, but Canadians got the message.

Government requires restraints to avoid the tyranny trap. CHP Canada recognizes limited government as outlined by God. Join today!

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