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Hating What God Hates

Tue, October 11, 2022   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 29    Issue 41 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

These six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto Him: a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, an heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies and he that soweth discord among brethren . . . Proverbs 6:16-19

These are some of the things that God hates. Prime Minister Trudeau and his closest lackeys are guilty of all of them. The “proud look” we know only too well. The “lying tongue” has been obvious to many of us for years: from broken campaign promises about “small deficits” and “electoral reform” to unfounded accusations of racism and misogyny, this Prime Minister has not hesitated to say things that are not true in order to achieve political ends.

One lie is that abortion is a constitutional right in Canada. Mr. Trudeau has repeatedly spoken about abortion as a human right; he and his cabinet colleagues continue to maintain that a “right to abortion” is protected by Canada’s Charter, but even pro-abortion media have admitted that it is not. This Toronto Star article says that the 1988 Morgentaler decision, while rejecting the existing law at the time, “did not make abortions a constitutionally protected right under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

That brings us to the “shedding of innocent blood.” Abortion—promoted aggressively by this government and paid for by the unwilling or unwitting contributions of Canadian taxpayers—has killed over 4,000,000 little people since first legalized by PM Pierre Trudeau. It is believed that about 100,000 babies perish by abortion every year in Canada; the exact number is now difficult to obtain since abortion clinics are no longer required to report statistics in some provinces. Federal approval of chemical abortifacients has also muddied the waters as some of the killing now takes place outside of the medical system. In addition, since 2016, the killing of the vulnerable elderly and disabled by assisted suicide (MAiD) has already taken over 30,000 Canadian lives.

A “heart that deviseth wicked imaginations” is a heart or mind that sacrifices truth and common sense in support of a personal agenda; it creates institutions that are harmful to the wellbeing of others. We will not credit our current Prime Minister with creative genius (in fact, it’s difficult to determine who is responsible for some of the projects initiated by this PM) but collectively, Mr. Trudeau and his Cabinet have originated or sponsored a plethora of bureaucratic channels for the dismemberment of Canadian society as we know it and especially the freedoms that must be a part of a civil democratic landscape. Currently, Bill C-11 could be seen as an outgrowth of “wicked imaginations,” as it seeks to silence every voice that questions this government. The banning of “conversion therapy” likewise placed obstacles in the path of those seek to escape a destructive lifestyle.

“Feet that be swift in running to mischief . . .” can be defined as being quick and eager to do what’s wrong and harmful. When the Trudeau government imposed the Emergencies Act last February, they acted presumptively and without just cause. Hopefully, that will be evident in testimony given at the public inquiry into the unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act against the peaceful Freedom Convoy. The Public Order Emergency Commission, headed by Paul Rouleau, is set to begin hearings on October 13. Other actions instituted on short notice by the federal Liberals—and without due process or significant debate—include carbon taxes, gun grabs, seizures of bank accounts, tampering with Justice (Jody Wilson-Raybould), buying off major media with hard-to-resist cash handouts . . . and more.

His “false witness” against law-abiding peaceful protestors certainly crossed the line. When the PM called freedom protestors “racists” and “misogynists,” he really sought to use his bully pulpit to influence public opinion and he made no effort to be accurate. His intent was to vilify. He must have known that his claims were false, but he made them anyway, counting on his well-paid media friends to back him up. In any other setting, that would be seen as defamation of character. It also amounted to “sowing discord among brothers” when he asked rhetorically, “How long do we tolerate these people?”

His pronouncements about race have deepened the divisions between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians. His dire threats and false claims about the “safety and efficacy” of COVID-19 vaccines have created hostility between the “vaxxed” and the “unvaxxed.” His closure of churches and businesses has created divisions between parishioners in the same churches and even between family members who sacrificed relationships based on the PM’s version of “the science.”

In recent decades, “hate” has come to be seen as a negative emotion, never to be justified. Of course, that’s when it’s directed at our fellow human beings or against identifiable groups. The Bible teaches us to love the sinner but to hate the sin. We are called to love all men and women, to pray for them and to extend the hand of friendship even to those with whom we bitterly disagree. The Bible says, “As much as it lies in your power, live peaceably with all men.” That does not mean we must approve of their words or actions. We do them no service by pretending that all ideas are of equal value. Our love must be reflected in truth. We ought to love the things God loves and hate the things He hates. And our actions must support our words. In politics, we vote for people who seek to see God’s will done “on earth as it is in Heaven.” And so we pray.

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