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Hard Hearts and Soft Heads

Tue, July 18, 2017   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 24    Issue 29   

Human beings, made in God’s image, are called to pattern our lives after Jesus Christ. He displayed both clear thinking and tender-hearted compassion. He showed that both are possible. In our troubled 21st century, when compassion is confused with foolish sentimentality, our society goes in directions that are neither compassionate nor reasonable.

When a people depart from God, their efforts to create an ethical society are doomed to failure because without God, there is no standard for ethical behaviour. When the written Word of God, the Bible, is dismissed as fabrication, the immediate reaction is to try to fill the moral vacuum with whatever rules and regulations seem right to the most vocal citizens of the day. It doesn’t work.

In Banff, CBC reported recently that a large grizzly bear—which had already chased hikers and even charged a man pushing a baby stroller—is now the object of a petition by over 4,000 people calling for its protection. Human life is being given a lower value than the life of a bear! True, the bear has not killed anybody (yet) but it poses a serious threat. Wildlife officers, who have the legal responsibility to manage the magnificent animals and to intervene in human/wildlife conflicts, now are conflicted themselves. While they rightly insist that their first priority is public safety, they are being pressured by community members to protect the bear in spite of its aggressive behaviour. Folks, this is lunacy of the first order. It is symptomatic of a society that has lost its bearings. The Bible is clear on this topic: Exodus 21:28-29 says that if an ox (or any domestic animal) kills a man or a woman and the owner of the ox knew that the ox had been in the habit of “pushing with its horns” in the past, then the owner of the ox is held accountable because he did not take safety precautions to protect the public. In the same way, we expect wildlife officials to protect the public from animals for which they have been given responsibility, especially when those animals have already displayed aggression towards humans.

Apparently, some members of the public do not want to be protected. Stacey Sartoretto, one of the sponsors of the petition to protect Bear #148, ascribes equal value and rights to the bear as to humans. “She (the bear) is just as much of a local as I am… she deserves the same respect as everybody else”. The CBC article notes that there are about 100 bears in the area. It also mentions that Bear #148 had already been live-trapped once and hauled hundreds of kilometres away. It found its way back to Banff in a couple of days. Must we “wait and see” whether Bear #148 finally kills someone before we act? Will we even act then?

I’ve seen a similar thing in Smithers, BC. A couple of years ago, a cow moose in downtown Smithers knocked an elderly person to the sidewalk in an incident videotaped and viewed on CBC. I wrote a letter to the paper suggesting that this particular moose should be turned into food to feed some of our homeless people in the soup kitchens of the area. Again, my point was public safety, recognizing that the animal was dangerous and had already shown aggression. The next week, another letter to the paper, written in response to mine, indignantly accused me of betraying my “pro-life” position. Again, this person equated the life of a moose with the life of a human being.

One more example: a few years ago, campaigning door-to-door in my own neighbourhood, I met a woman who came to the door holding back two large dogs. As we discussed the lives of pre-born human babies, she quickly said: “They’re not persons. These dogs of mine, they ‘re persons”.

These examples all point to the irrational disconnect that has permeated our society. If life merely evolved, if mankind has no higher purpose than other animals and no unique position in the order of things… if human beings are not created by God to glorify Him as sons and daughters… if we are not charged with the stewardship of this planet, if we are merely co-equal and meaningless blobs of temporal tissue, then our life would have no more value than that of a mosquito. In such a chaotic worldview, why would any life have value?

We know better. We know that we humans are created not only for a purpose but also for eternity. Human life has eternal value and to discount that value is to insult and offend the Creator.

Let’s expand this topic just a bit. On September 1, 1939, Adolf Hitler issued orders that put two men in charge of euthanizing—putting to death—every person with an illness deemed to be incurable. He judged them as having lives “not worth living”. His campaign included those who were judged incapable of contributing to the economy: cripples, epileptics, those with mental illness or mental disabilities. Later, his ghastly edict expanded to include Jews, Poles and dissidents along with the other countless casualties of the war. That’s where a madman disconnected from God can lead a nation.

Today, when we look back on Hitler’s Germany we are appalled. We tend to think that a civilized country like Canada could never succumb to such brutality. Really? How is it that out of misguided concern for “choice”, Canada has killed 4 million babies in the last 40 years? How is it that out of misguided “compassion” for those who may be suffering in their final days, we suddenly fall for the rhetoric of a “life not worth living” and allow the killing of the elderly, the disabled and the depressed? Our “assisted suicide” bandwagon is still picking up speed; if we continue on this path, we’ll find—as they did in Europe—that there are no brakes.

How is it that out of a misguided concern for “fairness” or “compassion”, our nation has become a promoter of sexual perversion and gender confusion, exposing young children to lifestyles and practices which lead to behavioural addiction, sexual disease and dysfunction, self-mutilation and often suicide?

The answer is that we have allowed press-manipulated emotions to rule our decision-making without reference to eternal truth and unchanging principles based on God’s Word. As in Hitler’s day, emotions can sometimes be stirred by passionate speeches and behaviours can sometimes be compelled by peer pressure and political force. Only when we return to a biblical perspective and let our words and actions be directed by an all-knowing, all-wise Creator can we hope to restore reason and true compassion in our nation.

The Christian Heritage Party is committed to restoring the biblical foundations of Canadian law and justice and to recognizing the supreme wisdom and authority of God. If you agree with us, please join CHP and help us bring a message of true compassion to our hurting nation.

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