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Give Us Your Treasonous, Your Miscreants, Your Terrorists…

Tue, November 28, 2017   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 24    Issue 48   

A plaque on the Statue of Liberty in New York City calls out to refugees seeking a better life:

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, …”

In Canada, about 550 km away from the Statue, a different creed calls for a different kind of immigrant. Give me your treasonous, your miscreants, your terrorists yearning to destroy the free.

In Canada, the land of opportunity, we extend our welcome to those who have fought with ISIS. Why? Well, I guess because saying, “No!”, is just … not nice.

Our Liberal government doesn’t have high hopes for them to become contributing members of Canadian society. Our Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, believes that successfully reintegrating these terrorists into Canadian society is “…pretty remote.” “Once a person has been in a war zone, once they’ve been actively engaged in terrorist-related activities, the capacity to turn them around is pretty remote. That’s why you have to use the other tools, including collecting the evidence and prosecuting wherever and whenever you can,” he said.

That’s encouraging isn’t it? We gift Omar Khadr with $10.5M and suspend his sentence, when evidence had been gathered, he had been prosecuted, he had pled guilty, and he had been sentenced. Please, MP Goodale, tell me what’s the point of putting any effort into charging the sixty that are welcomed back to Canada when evidence doesn’t matter. Rather we should buy ourselves a great welcome mat for terrorists to go along with our death wish to see our families blown to pieces.

What matters to our government is ensuring that Canadians share their wealth with terrorists out of the grand benevolence of our government. Please, stand up and take bow.

According to Goodale, the challenge is in translating intelligence that Canadian security agencies have on these people into evidence that will stick in court.

There’s the rub, isn’t it! Our courts no longer judge, rather they govern. They tell our elected government what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Our government, elected by the Canadian people, whose job it is to govern, submissively grovels before the usurpers… “What can we do?” they snivel, “our Constitution has made the judiciary our masters.” It takes guts to use the Notwithstanding Clause, which was designed to protect Canadians from a judicial oligarchy. It shouldn’t be tough but the media has manipulated us to think the use of the Notwithstanding Clause should be feared rather than applauding the protection it offers. So our spineless politicians publicly wring their hands declaring impotence rather than industriously picking up the tools to complete the job for which they have been elected.

Our democracy is perishing under the weight of an out of control judiciary and a government that seeks adoration more than diligence of duty. Canadians have elected a government that has no taste for the hard choices but rather is blown about like driftwood on a lake succumbing to whatever sorrows the wind and waves lavish upon us.

Under such confused leadership, our nation is now offering refuge to those who seek to destroy through terrorism rather than welcoming the truly needy that seek a place to build better lives away from persecution.

Today, two candidates for the Christian Heritage Party are contesting for seats in Parliament. Two candidates can safely say that we are not cowed by the words of men but rather stand bravely for the democracy with which our Lord has blessed us.

Rod Taylor in South Surrey-White Rock and Jude Coutinho in Scarborough-Agincourt each are making a stand for government that doesn’t govern in cowardice but rather by a solid comprehension of the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

CHP Canada candidates do not seek to govern through self-aggrandizement; rather our candidates seek to offer humble service to the Canadian people

If you are not a member, join CHP Canada today. If you are a member, what can you do to help the Party today?

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