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Fact-Checkers Denied the Resurrection; They Were Wrong!

Tue, April 11, 2023   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 30    Issue 15 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

He is risen! He is risen indeed! The Christian message that motivates us and gives us hope is that Jesus Christ shed His blood for our sins, was crucified, was buried and on the third day rose again. It’s amazing but true. Without the shedding of His blood and without His resurrection, our faith would be in vain.

But it’s not in vain! We believe it. And we follow our risen Lord. But not everybody believes it today, and not everybody believed it in the days immediately following that glorious event. Even then, there was such a thing as “fake news.” When the chief priests—who had wrongfully condemned Jesus to death—heard that He had risen, instead of confessing their sins and repenting, they doubled down. They gave the soldiers a large amount of money and told them to say that Jesus’ disciples had stolen His body while they were sleeping. Matthew 28: 12-15

This added yet another sin to their account: falsifying the events of which they were well aware, instead of seeking to know the truth. The chief priests who had called Jesus an impostor and a blasphemer had already conspired to put Him to death . . . and this was no “conspiracy theory;” it was a solid fact. They were so committed to “debunking” the widespread belief that Jesus was the Son of God that they used false witnesses to testify against him. Matthew 26: 59-61 They knew the truth. They saw the evidence. But they concocted falsehoods because the truth was inconvenient to them.

Even before Jesus was arrested and tried, the chief priests had made plans to kill Lazarus, a man whom Jesus had raised from the dead . . . because he was living evidence of the power of the Son of God. John 12: 10-11 Their conspiracy ran very deep. They denied the evidence because it revealed that they were wrong.

Throughout history, the truth has often been challenged by those who claim to represent the facts. It is our responsibility—and always has been—to analyze the evidence and draw our own conclusions. Sometimes, we may not know whom to believe. Then, we need to ask God for wisdom and discernment. Where God, through Holy Scripture gives very clear direction, the opposite position cannot be right.

God told Adam and Eve NOT to eat the fruit of the tree that was in the midst of the garden. He told them: “In the day that you eat thereof, you shall surely die.” Then a fact-checker showed up. Satan said, “You will not surely die.” Adam and Eve, faced with two contradictory statements, made a very bad mistake. They sinned. They chose to believe the fact-checker, the one who denied God’s clear statement.

Today, we live in a time of mass confusion. There are opinions and declarations of fact that seek to influence us every day on a multitude of issues. Whenever we are confronted with contrary opinions and demands for action, we must assess the source and we must make choices: we must decide whom we should believe and upon what advice we should act.

Some say that the killing of a pre-born child is a sin against God; others say that it is a simple choice that empowers women. Some say that every human being is made in the image of God and is either male or female; others say that gender is fluid and can be altered at will. Some say that the MRNA “vaccines” are a wonderful, safe and effective preventative treatment for COVID and that governments have been truthfully promoting their use for the benefit of mankind; others say that they are neither safe nor effective, that evidence has been withheld from the public and that governments and pharmaceutical giants have been colluding, hiring “false witnesses” and committing crimes against humanity by wilfully promoting these products even when they knew the evidence showed harm.

In these cases listed above, it’s obvious that all opinions cannot be correct. The claims of “fact-checkers” do not free us of the responsibility to analyze the facts for ourselves.

All the foregoing is to make a point. Canada is on the verge of entering a very dangerous era of censorship . . . of allowing one group of people to not only promote certain ideas with the use of “fact-checkers” but to eliminate any opportunity for views to be expressed that are contrary to the views of these government-approved “fact-checkers.”

The National Citizens Inquiry—(hardly mentioned on CBC and CTV)—is holding hearings across Canada and receiving testimony from Canadians who have been injured by COVID policies or by “the jab;” they’re also hearing from a variety of experts who are pointing out harms that have been experienced by Canadians as a result of various government policies and actions.

One such expert who testified at the NCI hearings in Toronto is Rodney Palmer, a former CBC journalist who exposed—in his lengthy and detailed presentation—the insidious development of a variety of organizations dedicated to eliminating certain points of view from public broadcasting and media platforms . . . even from social media. The creation of the Trusted News Initiative, the Journalism Trust Initiative, the Trust Project and Project Origin is a disturbing sign that elite journalists, tech giants and entrenched political operatives intend to prevent the public from hearing opinions and news angles that do not support their agendas. They want to label all such content “misinformation.”

I won’t try to recount here the details of Mr. Palmer’s testimony. You can listen to the whole thing here. Many more testimonial clips from the NCI hearings can be found here. The point is that we are in an information war in Canada and free speech (and access to the truth) are on the line. CHP Canada has always STRONGLY supported freedom of speech, and we will continue to do so. Learn more here.

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