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Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Measures

Tue, December 01, 2020   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 27    Issue 48 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

As I write, Canada, the U.S. and the citizens of most nations around the world are experiencing anxiety, confusion and distress; governments, and the bureaucrats who sometimes speak for them, are implementing draconian lockdown orders and enforcing them with disturbing zeal. The hyped-up fear of COVID-19 and the justified fear of governments assuming dictatorial powers have worked together to shake public confidence in the institutions that have long been taken for granted.

From coast to coast, provincial premiers, health ministers and public health officers have boldly proclaimed arbitrary restrictions on activities that heretofore have been considered not only safe but necessary. Alberta and B.C. have recently brought down new rules, accompanied by blunt threats of fines and arrests. They join other provinces like Ontario, that have been squeezing their citizens for months, with no credible promise of a let-up. Some of the newly-tightened restrictions:


  • Corporate, in-person worship in church buildings has been either banned outright or restricted to greatly-reduced numbers.
  • Masks are now mandated indoors in B.C. public spaces (unless one is actually eating in a restaurant, when the mask may be removed).
  • The gathering of family and friends in homes has been restricted or banned outright.
  • Attendance at weddings and funerals is curtailed. These events are crucially important for families, churches and communities. They play a significant part in collective memory. Being present at a funeral helps with emotional closure and acceptance. The witnesses at a wedding add weight to the vows and support to the lifelong commitment of marriage.
  • In Manitoba and other jurisdictions, the government is asking its citizens to squeal on their neighbours if they see that they have visitors in the home. Is this the kind of society we want? Where neighbours are spying on each other and turning each other in for having friends over for supper? This is more like Stalinist Russia or Hitler-era Germany.

Canada is better than this. Freedom is something our citizens bled and died for. It is hard to gain and easy to lose. As responsible, law-abiding citizens, have we now become so willing to accommodate the state that we don’t know how to reclaim our rights as citizens? But we must begin to do that, or spinelessly watch our freedoms disappear, one by one. Had we been more willing to confront unwarranted manipulations in the past, we might have been better prepared for the challenges we now face.

The pressures to conform are increasing. What new warning signs do we see today that should inspire us to speak out? Plenty.

  • On May 1, the Liberal Cabinet issued an Order-in-Council declaring certain types of firearms illegal. There was no vote in the House of Commons. There was no logical explanation for the types of firearms banned; no proof that these particular firearms cause more deaths than others. There was only the emotional phrase, “military-style assault weapons.” Canadians have not had a chance to vote on this measure, but legal owners of these firearms have had both their rights and their private property arbitrarily confiscated without even a vote in Parliament.
  • After his self-serving prorogation, the PM was quick to renew his efforts to expand euthanasia and to ban “conversion therapy.” Canadians did not ask him to do this. While Canadians are distracted by the “COVID crisis,” the PM is stealthily pushing his radical socialist agenda forward. He cleverly presents court decisions as an excuse, and relies on his loyal trained seals to ram through his legislation when Opposition MPs and the public have the least opportunity for serious debate. His references to the “Great Reset” tell us that we can expect more of the same.
  • On November 26, dozens of police in Toronto—with an overwhelming display of brute force (at what must have been an astronomical cost)—arrested Adamson Barbecue owner, Adam Skelly, and took him away in handcuffs. A man simply trying to operate a business was treated as a dangerous criminal. Where was this display of force when Canada’s rail lines were shut down for two weeks in February, seriously damaging our economy? Why the double standard? It is starkly ironic that a man on his own business property was hauled away in cuffs but lawbreakers shutting down our national transportation system were treated with kid gloves.
  • Churches—historically known to be attended by hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens—are being threatened with fines and arrests for meeting in peaceful, socially-distanced, worshipful gatherings where the attendees are instructed in righteous behaviour.

If you’re concerned about the loss of freedom and the imposition of arbitrary regulations, join us and help us push back the darkness. Pray for our politicians, that they will have the wisdom, the courage and the desire to keep Canada the “True North, Strong and Free.” God has work for us to do. He has been preparing us, His people, to represent Him in these difficult days. The prophet Daniel tells us that, “. . . the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” (Daniel 11:32) Be ready. Stay informed. Ask God for wisdom and discernment. We live in extraordinary times, when ordinary people may be called on to do extraordinary things.

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