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Erin O’Toole Supports Abortion-on-Demand and the LGBTQ Agenda

Wed, August 26, 2020   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

35% of Conservatives Voted for a Pro-life Leader, Instead, They Got a Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT Politician

Peter Mackay’s “front-runner” status in the Conservative Leadership race is gone. His conflating of traditional marriage and the protection of innocent human life with a “stinking albatross around the neck of the Conservative Party” was properly rejected by a majority of the 174,000 Conservative members who voted in their recent leadership race. Some pro-lifers are rejoicing that the most outspoken Red Tory on the stage did not win. But do they really have any reason to celebrate?

The man who takes the helm of the Conservative Party is Erin O’Toole, MP for Durham. While we certainly acknowledge the hard work and energy that went into his campaign, we cannot celebrate his victory. Mr. O’Toole is no friend of the pre-born; he claims to be “pro-choice” but that simply means he supports the status quo—abortion-on-demand. Those who are heralding his win as a victory are simply ignoring the facts. True, Mr. O’Toole stated repeatedly during his campaign that he would “allow” members of his caucus to bring their views to the floor of Parliament but that doesn’t give legal protection to even one pre-born child. It does not protect families and it does not protect children from indoctrination into “alternative lifestyles”.

During Stephen Harper’s time as Prime Minister, Conservative back-benchers brought forward several pro-life bills and motions but they were all scuttled by the PM and those close to him. In 2008, MP Ken Epp presented the Unborn Victims of Violence Bill, intended to protect pre-born babies from violent assaults perpetrated against their mothers. In 2010, MP Rod Bruinooge tabled his anti-coercion bill, Roxanne’s Law, meant to protect women from violent and abusive pressure to abort against their wills. In 2012, MP Stephen Woodworth presented Motion-312, his Personhood Motion, asking Parliament to establish a committee to explore when human life begins. Every one of these was defeated by a Conservative Prime Minister and a Conservative Government. When former MP Mark Warawa (now deceased) attempted to pass Motion-408, protecting babies from sex-selective abortion, his motion was deemed “non-votable” by the hand-picked committee. When a party leader or Prime Minister is not in favour of a bill, the chances of it passing are slim indeed.

Mr. O’Toole has been clear. He’s pro-abortion. He also supports the LBGTQ agenda, including gay marriage. He has said he would march in a Gay Pride event, but “only if the police were also allowed to participate in uniform”.

He was one of 17 Conservative MPs to vote in favour of C-279 the “Bathroom Bill”. This was not a Conservative bill, he was not forced by “the party” to vote that way.This bill (later passed as C-16) allows males who “self identify” as females to use woman’s washrooms and change facilities! We’ve seen the harm this has done to vulnerable women. Erin O’Toole showed what his values and priorities are, and so-cons should not quickly forget this.

Like every aspiring Conservative Leader, Mr. O’Toole likes to talk about the inclusiveness of the “Big, Blue Tent”. He says he wants to bring together Conservatives of every stripe, including social conservatives. The problem is, you can’t be both pro-life and pro-abortion. You can’t be both for traditional marriage and family and supportive of policies that lead to gender confusion. When push comes to shove, something or someone has to give. It will not be the new Conservative Leader. It will be the hard-working pro-lifers both inside and outside of Parliament who helped get him elected. It was the pro-life Conservative voters who placed him second or third on their ballots who pushed him over the top. Even if he lets them talk and table pro-life legislation—by no means guaranteed—he will not help them pass it. (One can always pray for a change of heart; but why not vote for someone who already has moral credentials?)

We regret that neither Derek Sloan nor Leslyn Lewis was given the opportunity to guide the CPC toward the light. They at least put Life and Family on the ballot. Disappointed voters who support the protection of innocent human life can still choose the one party dedicated to Life, Family and Freedom, the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. Join us today!

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