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Dispelling Delusions

Tue, March 29, 2022   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 29    Issue 13 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

A person who is deluded does not know it. That’s the nature of delusion. He or she may be self-deluded or deliberately deceived by others. Until that person accepts new information that exposes the delusion, he or she will go on believing a lie and acting on it. Last week, Canadians had one delusion dispelled. They discovered that what they thought were two political parties were actually one movement with two ostensible heads. When Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau announced their intention to work closely together to implement the socialist platform that they have both been promoting, it should have come as no surprise. It merely formalized the fact that they are both so far to the left that their cooperation can now be assumed.

The announcement (presumably in the works for some time) explained the tacit approval given by Singh and his loyal followers to the PM’s unprecedented and brutal use of the Emergencies Act to stifle peaceful protest regarding vaccine mandates. The NDP has always claimed to represent “the little guy,” the working man or woman, the right to protest and the protection of minority rights. The party has now been transformed by successive degrees into a party calling for compelled conformity, punishment of dissent, deprival of due process and heavy-handed repression. The irony seems to have been lost on the deluded MPs now falling into line with their one-time political opponent.

So, with one surprise announcement, Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Singh disabused Canadians of a misperception that—up until that moment—they both had given credence to. We now know that, for all intents and purposes, we have a majority government capable of ramming through whatever misguided, unaffordable and dangerous social-engineering policies they may cook up. Whether MPs in the two parties supported this move is unclear. But now the cards are on the table, and Canadian voters who have concerns with either party are on notice that they’re about to have the worst of both.

Over the past week, another delusion was shattered, the myth that our PM is everywhere loved and adored. His mishandling of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy did not go unnoticed in Europe. Members of the European Union Parliament issued scathing denunciations of the PM’s brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters.

These delusions, however, seem rather minor when compared with two major deceptions—propagated by the leaders of both parties mentioned above—so blatant that one can only shake one’s head in disbelief that they have influenced public opinion at all. The first is the question behind the drama now playing out in the US over the participation in women’s sports by biological males. The question really is whether the definition of the word “woman” has any real meaning; the lie perpetrated increasingly by government and media (and even, tragically in kindergarten classrooms) is that a “woman” can no longer can be defined as an “adult female person” but that category must now include self-deluded individuals who prefer to be considered women. Women and girls all around the world are now losing athletic competitions to biological males who claim to be women, like the male athlete now going by the name of Lia Thomas. This is ludicrous on its face.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, currently under consideration for a position on the US Supreme Court, said she was unable to define the word “woman.” Those paying attention to her Senate hearings understand that she really was unwilling—not unable—to define the word, for fear of alienating either the LGBT crowd or common-sense Americans who instinctively understand that you don’t have to be a biologist to understand the distinction between male and female. Interestingly, Judge Jackson is in line for the lofty position of Supreme Court Justice because President Joe Biden took the public step of declaring that the next appointee to the Supreme Court would be a “black woman.” What if—just for argument’s sake—a respected black male judge had suddenly declared himself to be a “woman” and had taken centre stage in the Senate hearings? That is not altogether an unimaginable scenario in today’s confused society. But it is a lie, a deception that should be put to bed. Only fear of shame by the “woke” crowd prevents more people from calling it out.

The second big lie has to do with the government-endorsed public narrative about the experimental mRNA vaccines that public health officers, premiers and the PM (along with his new working partner, Mr. Singh) continue to say are “safe and effective.” The contrary evidence is obvious. The most stunning piece of evidence disproving efficacy is the fact that the fully-vaxxed PM claimed to have contracted COVID (a claim I can neither verify nor dispute). But if he or any other fully-vaxxed person can be infected, the conclusion is obvious: the vaccines do not work. Of course, if he didn’t actually have COVID but was merely using that as an excuse, hoping the truckers would go away, then he was lying and that would bring into question everything he says about anything. It was recently announced that fully-vaxxed Hillary Clinton also has been diagnosed with COVID. These two are only a couple of more prominent people proving that the mRNA vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. There are vast numbers of less well-known people with the same experience. The vaccines don’t work. Yet good Canadians who have refused to comply with government orders are prevented from flying and have been fired from their jobs. All based on a lie, a delusion.

As per the safety factor, one only needs to visit the Open Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) site compiled from official Center for Disease Control (CDC) data) to see that the claim that the vaccines are “safe” is also a lie. Thousands of people have died from the vaccines and hundreds of thousands have been injured. But government officials continue to push the delusion and ignore the facts. When public policy is based on lies and publicly-funded media are contributing to the delusions, Canadians have a right and a duty to challenge those lies and dispel those delusions.

The Bible says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Being deprived of the truth or deliberately denying it is the path to outright tyranny. We must not continue down that path.

CHP Canada will not turn a blind eye to the truth, whether it’s regarding biology, microbiology, or political positions. Truth is truth! Lies are lies! Align yourself with the truth today, join CHP Canada.

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