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Cracks in the Veneer!

Tue, February 15, 2022   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 29    Issue 7 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Last week, Canadians saw cracks beginning to form in the smooth veneer of the Liberal caucus. For two years, not a whisper of discontent nor a murmur of dissent. When our Prime Minister said, “Jump,” his finely-tuned orchestra, his puppet Members of Parliament, would snap to attention and call out in unison, “How High?”

Canadians watched and waited as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition displayed undeserved loyalty . . . not to Her Majesty nor to the Rights and Freedoms promised in the Charter, but to their flip-flopping Leader, Erin O’Toole, who not only broke campaign promises but abandoned small-c conservatism altogether. His “big tent” aspirations failed to win the confidence of Canadians; after losing in the fall election, the knives came out.

Against the backdrop of the Freedom Convoy, the Conservative caucus roared to life, demanding a leadership review and unceremoniously ousting Mr. O’Toole from his position. The illusion of party support evaporated almost overnight.

He was quickly replaced by Candice Bergen, now the Interim Leader of the Conservative Party, who earned kudos for actually talking to truck drivers . . . not hiding from them like the PM. She expressed support for the freedom concept, the dropping of mandates and other restrictions; she urged Canadians to make it the Prime Ministers problem. Finally, an elected MP appeared to be talking sense. But by the end of the week, her mixed messaging raised concerns about how deep her convictions ran. While calling for an end to the mandates, she also joined PM Trudeau and Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson in saying the truckers should go home. The only reason that any elected representatives are even talking about freedom is because the truckers are in Ottawa. If they leave town without mandates lifted, Parliament will just go back to sleep.

When truckers and their children landed in Ottawa over two weeks ago, to the cheers of a nation, their bouncy castles and hockey games hit the news. They gave us a feeling that everything could be normal again.

Because of their persistence and their consistent and unified messaging, a crack appeared in the smooth veneer of Mr. Trudeau’s seemingly unified Liberal Party . . . a crack that grew.

In a stunning public statement, Liberal MP, Joël Lightbound, criticized his own government for using the pandemic “to wedge, to divide and to stigmatize.” “He has expressed disagreements with government policy,” said a statement issued by MP MacKinnon’s office. “Subsequently, Mr. Lightbound has resigned as chair of the Quebec Liberal caucus. He has expressed clear confidence in the government and remains a member of the Liberal caucus.”

The news, however, did not end with one Liberal MP voicing concerns over the government’s handling of the pandemic.

MP Joël Lightbound was followed by MP Yves Robillard.

“He [Lightbound] said exactly what a lot of us think,” said Liberal MP Yves Robillard (Marc-Aurèle-Fortin, Que.) in an interview with The Hill Times. “I agree with everything that Lightbound said.”

Finally, Canadians get to see that there is more than one opinion on Parliament Hill. The Liberal Party does have more than one person with one thought. There may be other Liberal MPs who have cringed as the Prime Minister attacked Canadians who disagreed with him, calling them “racists,” “misogynists,” and other demeaning descriptions. As the crack widens and the illusion of party unity disappears, more of these once-loyal caucus members may eventually dare to raise their voices to challenge the policy pronouncements of their leader.

Every MP has moral decisions to make: whether to represent the Canadians who elected them or the party leader who demands unthinking adherence to his position . . . on everything! When the government is dividing and stigmatizing the people, and when the media will not honestly report, then people—like the truckers now on Parliament Hill—have no place left to go except onto the streets with their message and onto their knees in prayer. Across Canada, prayers are going up for our poor, broken nation.

This is the time for Canadians to corporately repent and turn again to the Foundation of all Rights and all Freedoms. Only by recognizing the source of those rights and freedoms—as our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does in its preamble: “Canada is founded on principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”—can we again hope to enjoy the blessing that was bestowed on this great country in the year 1867.

For all their faults, our founding fathers brought forth, with the Queen’s blessing, a nation that, although not perfect, offered to all the residents the opportunity of freedom, equality and prosperity.

CHP Canada is the only federal political party that bows the knee to our Almighty God and acknowledges that He is the One who has dominion and who has blessed this country “from sea to sea.”

Today, I issue a call for prayer for our troubled nation. I issue a call for prayer for our apostate nation. Today, I issue a call to prayer for our beloved Dominion of Canada.

Join CHP Canada. Let’s together go to the only Source of help. Join today!

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