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Controlling Guns, Borders, and Gangs

Tue, June 26, 2018   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 25    Issue 26   

Liberal politicians seem to think that guns exist only in legally-operating gun shops in Canada, and in the possession of those who bought them there. Thankfully, the Toronto Police operate under a different assumption!

While Parliament was debating Bill C-71 last week, “An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms”, the police in Toronto were planning “Project Patton” one of their largest operations against the infamous “Five Point Generalz” gang. Which action will do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

Our Parliament debated a bill that would make certain procedures related to the possession, transfer, and transport of firearms subject to greater scrutiny. If passed, it could (at best) help to keep some legally obtained firearms from getting into the hands of some criminals.

While that is a noble aim, let’s gain some perspective from the police raid that happened in the same week: what criminal would go through the trouble of trying to buy a firearm legally if they could have bought one of the ones that the Five Point Generalz (5PG) were trying to illegally import?

The Toronto police seized 78 guns in their raid last week, and they also significantly disrupted the operations of a gang and probably prevented them from continuing their smuggling operation, hopefully for a long time. (They also seized over $1,000,000.00 in illegal drugs.)

This gang does not care what the firearms laws in Canada say; the seized guns were obtained in Florida and smuggled over the border up to Canada.

Also consider the bigger question: If someone was pointing a gun at you and asking for your money (or worse) would you particularly care if the gun was purchased legally or not?

Parliament should be spending more time working on the issues of both illegal guns and especially crimes committed with guns. They would be welcome to copy CHP’s plan of doubling the sentence if a gun was used in a crime, and doubling it again if the gun was loaded, and tripling it again if the gun was actually fired. That would give our police forces a bit more to work with when charging violent criminals.

Notice that the raid this week was on a gang, the 5PG—this is a big gang! Seventy-five people were arrested, and the police are only saying that they disrupted the gang, they did not wipe it out. And even if they were able to arrest every member in Canada, this gang is known to operate in the USA and the Caribbean also, though it started in Toronto.

Gangs are a significant factor in the fight against violent crime, and gangs don’t respect international borders. Joe Warmington pointed out more than a month ago that our Prime Minister’s irresponsible tweets in January of 2017 about welcoming people over the border might cause members of an even more infamous gang, “MS-13” to enter Canada in greater numbers from the USA (and other countries). This gang is known for its brutality, including beheadings and dismemberments. They have even targeted someone in Toronto who works in the justice system!

Our politicians in Ottawa have to learn that members of violent gangs don’t care about our gun laws, and they don’t care much about international borders—but if it is easy to get to a country that they think is not as tough on crime, they will probably go there. That should be a warning.

On the other hand, if our police force continues to break up gangs, carrying out disrupting raids and multiple arrests, gang members and potential gang members will take note. Fewer gang members will mean fewer illegal guns and drugs, resulting in less crime and violence on the streets.

Arrested gang members who have illegally entered Canada must be extradited. Our borders must be protected.

Criminals who use guns must face stiffer penalties, and this must be made very clear to all.

Membership in a gang must not be taken lightly; young people who have committed a minor first offence must be kept out of the area and influence of the gang that recruited them, and also out of adult prison where they would be likely to meet and learn from hardened criminals. Job training, mentorship, and restitution must be emphasized in these cases.

Our courts must act justly, and with wisdom. Our laws should reflect the biblical principles given by God.

For over thirty years, CHP has been promoting policies based on these principles; holding onto these standards, we are ready to lead this country in God’s perfect time.

Please join CHP and become involved! Your membership and ongoing support are vital to our outreach and influence.

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