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Censorship and Hypocrisy

Tue, February 20, 2024   |   Author: Taylor   |   Volume 31    Issue 8 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Note: I discussed Bill C-372 recently on CHP Talks, my weekly podcast, but I thought it important to review that information here in printed form. If such blatant attacks on truth-telling are allowed to stand, Canadians will soon see our economy completely collapse as well as our justice system.

Liberal and NDP Members of Parliament have officially embraced censorship as a political strategy; they want to eliminate any information that interferes with their agenda. For example, NDP member, Charlie Angus, has recently tabled private member’s bill C-372 that would impose fines and jail time on anyone making (what he calls) “false and misleading claims” for Canadian oil and gas. Of course, we agree that nobody should be allowed to use truly false and misleading claims about anything, but what the NDP and the Liberals call “false and misleading claims” may actually be truth claims with which they disagree.

The Liberals and their NDP enablers have done everything in their power to destroy the oil and gas sector in Canada, leaving Canadians to depend on energy product from areas of the globe that have lower environmental standards, lower work safety standards and lower human rights standards then we have here in Canada. Canada is energy-rich; we should not be carrying over a trillion dollars in national debt and buying our oil from foreign countries. As in Venezuela, another oil-rich, socialist country, Canada has squandered an opportunity for prosperity and energy independence because of ideological meddling by politicians who believe that carbon dioxide is the cause of all our woes.

Having surrendered common sense to the juggernaut of climate alarmism, these foolish politicians and their lamestream media accomplices propose ridiculous regulations—such as compelled transition to electric vehicles and crippling carbon taxes—that can never solve climate problems but are guaranteed to further undermine our ability to sustain ourselves with food and energy. In doing so, they also threaten to destroy Canada’s democratic institutions and our hard-won freedoms.

Many knowledgeable scientists and economists have explained in detail the impossibility of Canada’s electric grid, becoming an effective alternate source of energy for transportation. Hydro power is wonderful but limited by available sources. Wind and solar depend on inconsistent supply and those weaknesses are even more obvious during cold weather. The cost of building wind turbines, their negative environmental impacts, the horrendous conditions around the globe under which the materials for electric batteries are produced—these are only a few of the problems that the Liberal and NDP Members of Parliament are cheerfully ignoring.

There are other significant hypocritical aspects of this NDP Bill C-372. The bill talks about false and misleading ads for oil and gas, as if this were the only industry where money plays a part in the type of communications that get public attention. As noted above, the lefts’ own advertising of the benefits of wind and solar is itself misleading . . . as if there were no environmental cost, no human safety risk and no economic damage accompanying this lemming-like leap to expensive, ineffective and unreliable sources of energy.

We’ve seen in the past four years an overwhelming amount of false and misleading advertising on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, which the NDP has ignored, due to their ideological commitment to the government narrative. Pfizer and Moderna raked in huge profits for products that the NDP and Mr. Trudeau promoted as “safe and effective,” but which have proven instead to be unsafe and completely ineffective.

The NDP itself is guilty of horrendous false and misleading claims about who and what they represent. They claim that they stand up for “the little guy.” Four million little people have perished in Canada through abortion, while the NDP stood by and cheered. The NDP claims to support workers . . . yet in the NDP government of British Columbia and among the NDP MPs in Ottawa there was no support for doctors, nurses, truckers, airline pilots and other hardworking Canadians who were turned out of their jobs, denied the employment insurance they had paid into and vilified in leftwing media.

The NDP has lost its credibility as a defender of the poor. The poor do not benefit by destroying the prosperity of our nation. The poor will benefit from an honest government and honest politicians who will rebuild the economy, protect the freedoms of our citizens, make our streets safe and allow Canadians to make their own decisions about how they raise their families.

The NDP and their Liberal colleagues lost their minds when Alberta Premier Danielle Smith took a few rational steps toward protecting Alberta’s children from manipulation and abuse in the public schools, toward restoring parental rights and toward protecting women and girls from unfair competition from biological males. It’s time for Canadians to vote against the false and misleading claims of the NDP and their Liberal colleagues. For those who are looking for a party committed to restoring common sense, decency, respect for human life and for the family . . . we in the CHP would welcome your membership and support. Wherever you are on the political spectrum, we stand with you for truth and the freedom to speak it!

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