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Cassie and Molly’s Law- What Happened? (C-225)

Fri, October 21, 2016   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |     

If a pregnant woman is murdered and her unborn child dies during the commission of the crime, should the murderer be charged with one count of murder, or two?

If you said two, you would not be in agreement with the Liberal Party. You would not be agreement with the NDP, or the Bloc. Not even the Green Party. The only MPs who voted in favour were Conservatives—76 of them. About 18 of them did not vote, either because they didn’t show up, or did not want to face this issue. The others—agree with the other parties. Notably, Interim Leader Rona Ambrose and leadership contender, Maxime Bernier, were absent; some Conservative leadership contenders Michael Chong and Deepak Obhrai (and others) voted against this important Act. Conservative leadership contenders Brad Trost and Andrew Scheer distinguished themselves by voting for a woman’s right to choose to carry her child to term; we honour these stalwart MPs  for placing human dignity and worth above his political aspirations. May God honour them for that.

The 76 who voted for justice and the value of life are listed here1. Cathay Wagantall deserves the respect and gratitude of all pro-lifers because she tabled this Bill only a short time after being elected. She has been a champion of life and has done more for the cause in her first year in office than many members will do in their entire career.

We want to thank Cathay for her courage and leadership in introducing C-225, “Cassie and Molly’s Law”. We also salute those who supported and stood with her, both MPs and advocacy groups—as well as Canadians like you who took the time to call your MP, sign a petition, write a letter, or spread the word on social media. Of particular note: great advocacy work was done by Mike Schouten of We thank him for his efforts.

This vote shows just how little most of our MPs value unborn human life. We live in a very dark time for Canada.

The other heroes in this effort were Jeff Durham—the father of Molly, the child who was killed—and Nancy Kaake, the mother of Cassie, the woman who was killed. They started a campaign called “Molly Matters” to seek justice. In case you are unfamiliar with the story, in December of 2014 Cassie was seven months pregnant when she was brutally murdered. The murderer was caught and charged with one count of murder, though he had clearly killed two people. (This article has more background details2)

After the vote in Parliament this week, the following quote appeared on the “Molly Matters” Facebook page3:

“JUST NOW – the majority government voted down Cassie and Molly’s Law/Bill C-225.

This government voted in favour of the violent criminal. They voted to silence the voice of the victims who speak for their murdered family. They voted with fear instead of fact. They voted against choice because that choice was life.

I am full of confusion and emotion. In many ways it is like the day we found out that they were murdered. I am sickened and disturbed beyond words. How can any of this be? How can rationality and decency be completely abandoned?

How can the most basic of moral obligations be thrown away? How can one man choose that? How can a group of people choose to look away for their own convenience? How can any of this be?

Cassie is not a sacrificial lamb!!!

We will not let her be treated like a sacrificial lamb…

Cassie is NOT an exception!!!”

This quote is full of consternation; why would MPs not want to protect pregnant mothers and the children they eagerly await? How, as this quote says, can “rationality and decency be completely abandoned?” We know the answer. We know that when some lives are valued more than others, society loses its respect for all life. Unborn children will never be able to vote, so their lives do not matter to unprincipled politicians.

This Act would have done nothing to the legal status of abortion. It would not have protected all pre-born children. Yet, a vast majority of our MPs were so afraid of recognizing the value of pre-born children—even those “wanted” by their mothers—that they were willing to vote against it, hardening their hearts against the victims of tragedy, both the ones killed and the family members left behind.

Have a look at your MP’s voting record; thank them if they voted well, and express your disappointment if they did not. They need to know that their votes are being watched. They cannot pretend they didn’t know. Those who abstained—unless they were not able to be in session also must be challenged. We don’t elect MPs to abstain. Failure to do the right thing allows evil to prevail.

CHP has always been and will always be committed to the protection of all pre-born children. If you are not a member, please sign up4 and show your support for justice and the value of human life.

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