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Canada‘s Planning: A Logistical Nightmare

Tue, May 09, 2023   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 30    Issue 19 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Like most people who are interested in the news, I was shocked that Canada had been unable to do a decent job of evacuating our allies from Afghanistan. We watched our desertion of those who had helped our Canadian soldiers in the Gulf War after all the empty promises that, out of the debt of gratitude we owed them, we would ensure that they were brought to Canada. Empty promises; unseated by a Canadian logistical nightmare.

A few weeks ago, Canadian officials were warned that Sudan, while already on the brink, was slipping into a major civil conflict. With this in mind, I find myself wondering why our Canadian government sat back and waited rather than warning Canadians to get out and arranging transport to ensure it happened. This civil war has it roots in events prior to the coup of 2021 and also prior to the ousting of dictator Omar al-Bashir in 2019. With a history of civil unrest, it’s clearly not a peaceful place to live in or visit, so having a workable plan was important.

According to Defence Minister, Anita Anand, about a week prior to the conflict broke out in earnest, “There are conditions that we are monitoring very closely. One of which is the space at the airport. Another is to ensure that Canadians are able to get to the airport in a safe and secure manner . . . .” Is it safe and secure now? Would acting sooner have been wise?

Reports state that there were plans in place, and our military was available to do the job so . . . who dropped the ball?

How is it that, once again, Canada was not able to evacuate our people?

Eleven days into the crisis and the only Canadians who got out were brought out by other countries, presumably showing pity for the ineptitude of Canadians to carry out a plan.

There was a rather precarious window of opportunity, but I guess our Canadian government couldn’t find the crew to fly in and help our people. Thankfully, Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia took advantage of the available opportunities and stepped in to help us.

Thankfully, the U.S. was also looking out for us and got our Canadian diplomatic staff out.

Sadly, while other countries carried out a rescue plan, our Prime Minister tells us the job was too tough for Canadians to carry out. Our government now expresses an interest in helping Sudanese people out but, why do they think they will be able to arrange a rescue now—in this deteriorating situation—when they couldn’t figure out how to rescue Canadians before the situation became so dangerous?

We should be grateful that our dilapidated military aircraft did manage to limp into the airport to perform a few rescues. We wouldn’t want Prime Minister Trudeau’s prophecy to fail: “We have a C-17 in the region, too, and we will be airlifting as well.” Didn’t we all breathe a collective sigh of relief that Canada managed to land a couple of flights before the reality that we were just too late set in?

Now, as Canadians join the many others trekking across Sudan in hopes of getting out by way of the Red Sea, we have to wonder at our planning strategies. If there was a real crisis in Canada, who do we look to for help? Our government? They’ve clearly demonstrated, twice, that they have a little problem with planning in an emergency.

Of course, they did manage to seize the streets of Ottawa back from the peaceful truckers of the Freedom Convoy. As long as it’s using overwhelming force against people who don’t fight back, our government can eventually find a way to deal with an emergency. Not solve a problem. Not admit they were wrong. Just end an embarrassing confrontation by brute force.

Our government has shown—through lapses of moral judgement, such as identified by the Ethics Commissioner—that it is not fit to rule. It has shown its inability to plan, as demonstrated by its failed efforts to rescue Canadians from danger. And it has shown its intransigence by sustaining, and even increasing, its inflation causing carbon taxes . . . taxes that are making paupers of us all.

Canadians must free ourselves from this trap we’ve set for ourselves; we must begin to rethink who is worthy to receive our votes? Are they capable? Do they have a plan? Do they have the wellbeing of Canadians at large in mind or simply the wellbeing of those who will allow their votes to be bought with trinkets . . . a dental plan here, a childcare plan there. Whatever it takes to remove money from all Canadian pockets and place it in the hands of those whose vote can be bought with these trinkets.

Laws that would be instituted by CHP Canada seek the welfare of all Canadians. We seek to institute principles like justice, honesty, compassion, diligence, thrift and, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This is what once made our country flourish and can make our country flourish again. But, it can only come about with the realization that we must vote according to principles of higher moral value . . . principles directed by the God who has commanded us to love our neighbours as ourselves; has told us we must not steal; has told us that we must not murder—including the pre-born and our seniors.

It’s time to vote for the society that we want to live in. It’s time to vote for laws that protect the freedom of all—not special rights to some.

There are five by-elections to be faced in the next couple of months . . . before our next general election, whenever that may be. What can you do to ensure that the outcome is a step toward the freedoms and equalities that have made Canada one of the most desirous countries to people who have faced tyrannies? We have candidates ready to go in three districts, and they will need your help; more info, will be coming soon.

When it comes to voting, Canadians need to hold elected MPs responsible for burdening our youth with unmanageable debt, and so, robbing them of the future they deserve. We need to help Canadians see that the murder of our pre-born and handing our elderly and infirm over to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is immoral. There’s much to be done in this country, but the world view that seeks the wellbeing of others is the beginning because, in looking out for the best interests of others, we find ourselves closest to our Maker.

Join CHP Canada today.

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